i have a boy friend rright....well i

i have a boy friend rright....well i cheted on him 3 times .....but i love him dearley ......once with this alvion kid and twice with this joey kid he ses he loves me but i think i f***** this up

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You are a s***! Sorry to be so blunt, but you are. Break up with the guy before you really hury him. He does not deserve to be treated like that just because you are a dirty w****. You are the kind of female that turns a good guy into an a******!

  • w**** !

  • If you cheated on him three times you don't really love him either that or maybe your just a w**** bag

  • yeah you really did.

  • Get a damn life gurl

  • Well first I gotta say. You make my f****** stomach sick. People like you have got to get your s*** together. WTF is wrong with you... oh yeah, you love him all right. LIAR. If you even have a conscience, you'll tell your boyfriend about the three times you decided it was a great idea to spread your legs and give him a few days to decide what to do about you. He has the right to know. Don't f*** his life up just because it feels good. I'm not saying your a bad person. I'm just saying what I said.

  • first become literate, then become responsible... :)

  • just don't tell him at all.

  • dont tell him you cheated on him, just dont do it again if you love this dude

  • well yeah you did f*** up cause if you really liked your boyfriend you would tell him and tell him that you are verry sorry and that you will never do it again and tell him that he is the only one that you love or care for and that he is you whole world and ask him to give you another chance and put that behind you guys cause it was in the past and this is the future. And tell him that it will never happen again.

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