i love him.

i'm 15.
he's 18.

I love him..
he told me he hates me.

he hit me because i tried
to tell him.

he turned my best friend against me.

i lied to my mother to try and cover for him.
just so she wouldn't know what he does.

sometimes when he's drunk, he tells me he loves me.
and. i believe him.

I've let him lie to me
just beacause i thought there was hope.

when i found out he was with another girl,
i cried.
i never cry.
it felt like murder.

no one is there to help me.
they all think that i'm only a hormonal teenager.

The only reason i stick with him is because he told me there was hope.
now, i'm unsure where to go.

he's ruined me.
i always smiled.
but now i only fake it.

no one is here for me.
no one sees it the way i do.
i wish he loved me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • s**** him. Learn to Love Yourself.

  • Been there, done that! Never gonna do it again.

    Do not ever see or talk to that maniac again.He is slime, forget him.
    Just treat your self well. Respect your self.
    Never let a man hit you, if he does it again, CALL THE POLICE.

  • ((((Hugs)))). I know it hurts, but you have to try to pull yourself together and move on. Sweetie, he drinks and hits you. I promise that is not love.

  • s**** him.

    Learn to Love Yourself.

  • You'll find someone who will actually appreciate you and love you better than he never could. It'll just take time. Don't let go.

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