Angery as H***!

okay, this really isnt a secret i just wanted to put my ex (his name is justin)on blast but didnt know where to do that but anyway me n my ex have been going 2gether for almost a year but unfortunately in the time of our relationship he had gotten arrested for residential burglary and failure to register at a new address within 3days (yes, he's a registered s** offender!).

b4 he went to jail me n him were very close. i loved him n he loved me. since i was his gurl n his future wife i sent him over $600 to put on his book while he was in jail (need i inform you he was only there for 5months), i sent him pix n wrote him letters at least 3 times a week, and never did i ever miss a visiting day. no one was there for him! not his mama, his brother, best friends, grandmotha, NOBODY jus me n my mother

while in jail he wrote me well over 30 letter explainin to me how much he loves me, misses, thinks about me, wants to marry me, n a bunch of otha bulls**t. well me being me, i believed his every word n as soon as they let him free he started hangin wit his his friends n they got to tell him s*** like "bro, you dnt need her." "u can do betta than that." "she a lame" n all kinds of crzy things that i cn only imagine

so he dumps me within 2 weeks of being out of jail. now i knw all tht s*** he did to me was jus wrong but hey when he broke up with me there was nothin i could do about that cuz you cnt make nobody be wit you so i said "f**k it! fine, we cn be friends"

that friendship didnt even last 3days before he was tlkin bad about me to his so called friends. the same friends tht talked bad about him wen he was locked up, the same friends that wouldnt help put up money for his bond or his books.

well this created a huge conflict between me him n his friends to the point wen he was tryin to get gurls to jump on me because he lied n said i was tlkin s*** about them so of course they believed him

every otha weekend i found myself goin out to their neighborhood to fight any n everybody (but they wasnt on nothin! lol!)

all these childish games, rumors, n the break up really stressed me out to where i couldnt take it anymore... i lied i do have a confession to make... i had a miscarriage. the day he broke up with me was the day our baby was conceived. still til this day i havent told him becuz i was afraid that if i did he would say sumthin smart like "oh well, i wasnt mine!" n that comment right there would've caused me to go to prison! i was soo hurt i blamed everyone includin myself. i hate him i really do!

i just dont understand why he treated me so wrong?! there wasnt nothin i wouldnt have done for him. NOTHING! after his friends found out how much damaged they've caused they felt sorry n started talkin bad about his azz in school to everyone n then tried to apologize to me but no matter how much they apologize, beg, or plead for my forgiveness there is nothin he or his friends can do to give me back what i lost due to the stress they caused me...

oh but ive got ways of gettin back at him lmao!

-Hurt N Lost

Jul 8, 2010

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  • G-H-E-T-T-O! I think you need Maury.

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