Found out my girlfriend enjoys r******

My girlfriend got pregnant 16 and her daughter is now 5 years old. We met at work last year and things are getting serious. The two of them have moved in with me.
Recently the 'baby daddy' has came back into the picture to be part of her life.
I'll add he has no interest in getting back with my girlfriend. He's married and has has two kids. My girlfriend got high at a party and hooked up with him without a condom and the rest is history.
About my girlfriend, she's very attractive. She's asian with Vietnamese and Chinese. She's very tiny 4'10" and weighs less than 100lb.
We were having a cook out this summer for her daughter and I was hanging out with 'baby daddy'. He'd been drinking and while grilling he kept looking at my girlfriend and said, 'She can F**k like a rabbit.' I was shocked and said, "I thought you guys only hooked up one time.' He laughed and said, "Is that what she said?" He told me a few stories then he told me something I had to try.
He said, "She loves getting a good r******."
I told him thanks for the tip.
That night I was giving her oral and decided to rim her tiny & tight b*******.
She squealed and started motions like she was f**king my tongue. I kept it up until she'd had enough and jumped on top and rode me till she climaxed.
When we finished she laughed and said, 'I guess _____ told you about that."

29 days

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  • A** f****** is very popular now in high schools and middle schools because the girl can't get pregnant and so it is safe. It is a good safe way to get in to f****** and to learn about sexual coupling. It should be encouraged.

  • B**** you're not talking trash? Stop joking! S*** on your mother's a*** weeh doop reeh timm!

  • Isn't it crazy how some girls are into that and some are not.
    When I was in college, I hooked up with a gorgeous preppy sorority girl. She was out of my league and couldn't believe it when she sat on my lap at a party and we started making out. The next thing, she's pulling me to her room. She looked so F*king hot sucking my d**k. She got naked and laid on the bed. Her p**y was perfectly smooth. I started giving her oral and she loved it. I noticed she had the cutest little butt hole so I gave it a swirl. She REALLY reacted! I told her to flip over and I'd spend more time there. She did. When I finished she straddled me and rode me with out a condom. I unloaded everything I had inside her! I never asked if she was on anything before I blew my load. She must have been because I seen her many times afterward.
    My wife will not allow me to get near her a$$.

  • Weeh!

  • I wanna f*** a hairy smelly detachable ass!

  • That’s so hot. That is exactly why young people should gain sexual experience with older lovers

  • Sir! I f*** your ass! Prepare your a***!

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