Spanking...the tables turned Part 1

This confession is long winded, but I needed to give it some context.
I have become a victim of my own strict house rules and my unwillingness to bend the rules. I was raised in a strict conservative home. I thought the rules that raised me were good and will be in effect in our home. Since my oldest was born my husband (now ex) and I have had a few stringent ‘nonnegotiable’ rules in place. Admittedly, mostly at my insistence so my husband bowed out of any corporal punishment requirements. We strictly enforced the rules with NO exceptions as we have repeatedly told our son.
A few years ago, I divorced my husband. Leaving me (now 41) and my kids including my 13-year-old son. I do the best I can as a single parent. I stay in shape keeping my figure that I have worked so hard to maintain (36D- 24- 31) and I am focused on staying energetic and healthy.
One of the rules include the use of certain ‘bad words.’ It makes me crazy upset when people cuss. My dad used to say “if you cuss it means you have nothing intelligent to say”
Admittedly, there have been times when I muttered an explicative or two when I was very mad, injured or frustrated after I was sure that nobody was around to hear me. I know it is hypocritical, but I am human.
Our punishment was deigned to help ensure the indiscretion is never repeated and it worked very well in most situations especially with temper tantrums. Violation of any of our few rules resulted in a spanking. At first, I used my hand but as he got older a hand seemed to have little effect, so I now use a ping pong paddle.
The process is, we discuss the infraction and why it should never have happened which include the negative effects on him and the people around him. Any protests during this process from him verbal or otherwise (no covering of your butt with your hands) resulted in a doubling of the punishment. He must get the paddle and hand it to me. He is required to take off all his clothes down to his shoes and socks giving him time to reflect on what is coming.
This was not a real issue when he was a boy but now that he’s a teen it is turning into an embarrassing situation for both of us. He is required to do this irrespective of who was present (embarrassing and humiliating), lay across my lap (just the position is embarrassing and humiliating. You are completely exposed and vulnerable) where he would get between 10 and 20 whacks depending on the severity of the infraction. Once his butt was red, he must stand in the middle of the room with his hands behind his head for 10-15 minutes after which he had to write a letter of acknowledgement of his wrongdoing and an apology then give it to all people affected. He then could get dressed and staple a copy of the letter outside on a telephone pole for a week. Cussing carried the most severe punishment.
Over the years there were times that relatives or friends were present during the punishment. We explained that they were affected by his misbehavior, so they needed to witness the punishment.
I was forced to administer a spanking to my son only about a month before this next incident. He had cussed while my best friend and I were chatting and having coffee. He has gone through puberty, and he is on the football team, so he is getting muscular. There is a part of me that says he’s getting too old for this type of punishment while another part tells me the punishment is still effective.
I could see that the word slipped, and he panicked as soon as he said it. My girlfriend gasped at the sound of the word. I was so embarrassed and disappointed in him by the situation I told him to “get the paddle”. He looked at my girlfriend and back at me with a look of a pleading to ‘not have to do this.’ With a sigh he headed off to get the paddle. My girlfriend is aware of my rules and although she has never witnessed the punishment, knew what was about to happen.
After handing me the paddle he stood in the middle of the room and kicked off his cross trainers then pulled off his socks. He stripped off his shirt and shorts leaving him in his boxers. My girlfriends’ eyes opened wide in disbelief and admiration of his developing body, but she remained quiet.
He stood in desperate hope that this punishment would stop. His look was still one of humiliation and desperation. When I didn’t stop it he turned redder than I had ever seen before. He pulled down his boxers revealing his semi erect p****.
He quickly laid across my lap I think to expedite the process. With his feet toward my girlfriend giving her an unobstructed view of his swats he laid in silence as I finished reddening his butt. Before he got up, he whispered “can I get dressed now?” “You know the rules!” I reminded him. He slowly stood and put his hands behind his head giving us a view of his very red and surprisingly muscular butt. I had not seen his butt since before his starting football.
“Turn and apologize to Mrs. Cruz” I ordered. He let out a nervous breath and when he turned, I saw his concern. His teenage hormones were in full effect, and he was fully erect. His p**** was so hard that it was purple, and it looked like it hurt. He was so humiliated and embarrassed that his apology was delivered as he fought back tears of humiliation. I felt so bad for him but perhaps he will control his words better now. He was so humiliated he avoided me for days.
I told you that story to put what I’m about to share in the proper perspective.
I was home alone cleaning the house the other day while kids were at school. I had my music on and loud as I sang along to my favorite tunes. I was dusting when my favorite, and expensive vase slipped from my hand and crashed to the floor. I’m admittedly a recovering potty mouth but I have learned to control it. I have had many spankings to help me improve. I reacted shouting “F***!” three times over the din of the music as I stared at the mess on the tile floor.
I heard someone clear their throat which startled me. Looking up there stood my son and 2 of his friends. He reached over to the stereo and turned it off. Looking me in the eye said, “get the paddle!” while maintaining a deadly serious and almost vengeful look. My eyes quickly darted to his friends who now flanked him in silence. My son seemed to read my mind saying, “they were affected by what you said.” Turning to his friends he said “you guys need to promise you will not tell anyone about what’s gonna happen now! OK?” they both nodded ‘yes’ without fully knowing what was about to happen.
My mind raced searching for a loophole in my rule as I reminded myself of my own words “NO exceptions”. I never expected to be in the recipient situation as I feverishly thought of why the rules didn’t apply to me. Changing the rules now may have a devastating effect in trying to raise a teenage boy I thought.
He spoke “what are you waiting for? Go get the paddle.” Abandoning the mess in front of me and resigning myself to knowing that given his last spanking he was NOT going to let me off the hook. I slowly retrieved the paddle and handed it to him. MY rules dictated what was now required. I had to strip naked in front of my son and his friends. As I reluctantly stripped off my t-shirt, I realized his friends had no idea of the rules or what was happening.
I heard one of them say “wow” in a whisper as I discarded my top. My whole body turned beet red causing me to hesitate while reaching for the button on my shorts. I reluctantly unbuttoned my shorts and slowly unzipped them and pushed them down ensuring that my panties remained in place. Since I wasn’t wearing shoes, I pulled off my socks while I discarded my shorts.

Standing erect I was now wearing only a plain but matching bra and boy short panties. My son sat in the middle of the sofa still holding the paddle and instructed his friends to sit in an adjacent love seat. I stood in front of the boys and in an effort to reduce my embarrassment and humiliation did not look at them. “I’m waiting!” I heard my son parrot as I used that same line with him in the past. My body began to tremble as I reached for the clasp on my bra.
These boys were about to see me naked, and it was so humiliating. Still searching for a reason to stop this from happening to me I felt the clasp open and using my arms pinned the bra so it would fall off. Delaying the inevitable, I pulled my arms through the bra straps and held it momentarily to my chest. Still shaking I took a breath and pulled it off discarding it on the floor. One of the boys nervously cleared his throat. I could feel their eyes riveted to me.
Returning to a standing position I straightened my body which in retrospect inadvertently prominently displayed my b******. Blowing out another breath in an effort to control my trembling I pushed my panties down and over my butt letting them fall to my feet. “Oh my God!” one whispered. I stepped out of my panties. I was now completely naked in front of my son and his friends.
At that moment I realized that it would just get worse from here. I now had to lay across my son’s lap. My legs would be toward his friends which meant that they could see between my legs. I made every effort to keep my legs together as I ‘assumed the position’ that effort proved to be impossible. Once I was in position, I pinned my legs together to maintain whatever little privacy I had left.

28 days

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  • Your ex husband was an idiot.... too bad can't get in contact with you directly.. LOL

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  • Such a nice story

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