Spanking...the tables turned Part 2

“You gonna spank her?” one boy asked in disbelief. “Yup! House rules apply to everyone that lives under this roof! She cussed!” once again regurgitating a line I had used multiple times. I felt his hand on my lower back and braced for what was to come. “I think 15 for embarrassing me in front of my friends.” He said to no one in particular then I felt the first smack of the paddle. It stung as he struck my bare butt causing me to jump and almost slip off his lap. “One boy said “ow!” I guess in sympathy. My right foot landed on the floor and my legs were now wide open. His friends had an unobstructed view between my legs. When I say unobstructed, I mean just that. I am completely shaved down there. My son slid his foot blocking me from closing my legs and pushing them open even more. I had no doubt that they could see both openings with no problem.
Giving up on modesty I left my foot on the floor to brace myself. As my son evenly distributed the smacks across my butt, and inner upper thighs with a force that I think was in retaliation for the last spanking he received I began to cry both from embarrassment and pain. From about the 5th swat on I involuntarily said “OW! I’m sorry!” after each swat.
“15!” he said. One of his friends observed “man her butt is really red.” I could tell from the sting that he was probably right. “stand up!” my son commanded. I stood, put my hands behind my head and facing the boys I apologized not only for my foul language but what they just witnessed. They both nodded with a silence acceptance.
I stood with my hands behind my head for 10 minutes while my son admired his handy work. The boys just sat and took in my nakedness after which I dressed in front of them. I was humiliated and very embarrassed. I now know what he has experienced with each punishment. I know I won’t be cussing again anytime soon!
My son discovered your site so I am required to publish my transgression here. This is my apology letter.

28 days

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  • Your spanking stories are so lame.

  • This is Marcel Shihadeh who won't stop posting here.

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