Kid Next Door caught me Laying out Nude

I was home alone and wanted to enjoy the sun. I was laying outback by our pool when he came through an opening in the hedge that separates our properties, to pick up something he had left the day before.

There was nothing i could do about it so I thought 'Oh what the h***,' smiled at him, gave him a full view and then casually put a robe on. Then, shortly after he left, I had to go inside and m********* while thinking of the look of shock on his cute face and his sexy innocence.

The next day I was laying out nude, thinking (and hoping) the young man would come back again. Sure enough I saw some movement by the hedge, the little pervert was spying on me!

I figured it was okay, it's nothing he hadn't seen before, in fact I decided to give him a show. I started rubbing my b******, pinching my nipped, rubbing my b******, then with one hand moving down, I started stroking my p****, getting off diddling my c*** and fingering myself.

When I finally came, I turned my face to where he thought he was hiding in the bushes, and said, "You can come out now Tommy, I see you there."

He was so cute with his shyness, and embarrassed. I made him stand before me as I lay there naked and told him in a very serious tone that young boys shouldn't spy on women when they theink theyre alone.
Then I asked him how much did he see and did he like what he saw? just to make him squirm. Then I got up, providing a full frontal view as I pulled my robe on and said, "I want you to come inside, Tommy, I have something for you." Kids are so malleable and trusting, he followed me like a little puppy.

Once inside I sat down on the sofa before him. I said, "You've seen mine, now show me yours." I didn't give him a chance to hesitate, I just pulled down his shorts, started stroking his c*** in my hands until he grew hard enough for me to take him in my mouth, and I sucked him and stroked him until he cummed in my mouth.

I asked him if he liked that and he said that he did, very much, and I told him not to spy on me any more, just come over and I'll be glad to do that for him again, and more!

Now I've got me a little boy toy to suck and f*** ... ! ! =)

26 days


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  • Hot. Please post updates! How old was the lad?

  • Tommy is 15

  • Incredible story. Nothing better than a young hard c***

  • If this is a real post, you have made a dream come true. He will always remember you.

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