H**** Mom Playing H****** of Sons Friend

My son had a sleep over. More showed up than expected. I offered my bed for additional sleeping. I was too turned on to resist a p**** poking me that I ended up rubbing it to a c**. Forever after I fantasized of getting more of 17 hardest ever. I am asking my son if he wants a Thanksgiving party. Any kind of sleep over please. I love young hard men when hubby is away.

20 days

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  • My brother in-law fits the description. I cannot offer my bed but a b*** view, p**** rub get his attention and I love watching his machine grow. I want to ride but he is not yet 18 and I am married. For now I have lots of fun without anyone knowing, so I think.

  • Did the young man say anything while you did this? Once at my house I was in the bathroom getting ready for work and my son's friend who was sleeping over, came in and pushed up behind me and I did not say anything at first, So he lifted my gown and pushed me over.
    In the mirror, he had this smirk on his face. I tried sitting up and was whispering, "What are you doing? and young man stop this!"
    When I felt his finger enter me, I told him to stop. He told me I was tight for a mom. Then I tried bumping him away, but he had his d*** out. I caused him to enter my p****. He took this as I wanted him to f*** me and told me, "that's a good girl wanting to f***."
    In the mirror, his hands were cupping my breast and he was slowly f****** me. I pretended I did not want this, but I did. It had been a while since my husband f***** me. This was one of my fantasies. He told me to rub myself off so we could watch ourselves both c** in the mirror. He knew my resistance was gone. I rubbed my p**** and I came very hard and he came in my p****.
    Then he walked out leaving me bent over and c** dripping out of me.

  • My 15 year old daughter recently had a slumber party with 5 of her close friends.One of the girls is a bedwetter and wears diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.The girl brought extra diapers and plastic pants,and the daughter and the other girls all put them on and wore them to support the bedwetter! Being a dad,i got very aroused seeing the six of them running around in their diapers and plastic pants!

  • Did you rub one out or take it out on your wife?

  • Bedsetting at that age is a sign of trauma. Often abuse.

  • Hot

  • Wow! That sounds like an incredible sleep over. That young man will definitely be back.

    Next time let that poke find a nice dark wet place to c**. You won’t be disappointed. Nothing beats a young hard penix

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