Hubby caught me fibbing about s**

My husband likes a lot of my habits when we're having s**.
We like to talk while we're doing it.....sometimes just the right word or phrase can pop us over the edge for a really nice o*****.
OK, when I get really really turned on, with my legs splayed out super-wide like a ballerina, and a guy is pounding away down into me, and I'm sooo loving it I will often smile up at him and pant this phrase out between his thrusts down into me ---"******'!"

So, one night when my husband and I were feeling each other up during s** he asked me to confess something a little nasty that I've done in my past - that I was embarrassed to share with him before.
So I thought for a bit and then said, "well, I'm not proud of it - but once I f***** my little sister's boy friend one night."
"Cool, so tell me all about it!"
"Oh, it wasn't very good..."
"Did he c** in you?"
"Yeah, he started down between my legs with his mouth and his thumb in me....then got on top of me and.....came. Yeah - he was enjoying himself in me...But it wasn't very good for me....I don't think I came. Hard to remember - I was a little drunk."
"Why wasn't it good - he too small or, what...?"
"No, he got mad at me."
"Mad at you....while you were f******!?"
"Yeah, he said....."don't call me baby!"


true story.

Dec 5

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