I got my housing assignm--oh, s***.

I'm pumped for college. I've been registered for classes since March, I have my full-tuition scholarship, and even have a meal plan. Today, I got my housing assignment. I looked up my roommate on Facebook... and he is the ugliest person I have ever met in my entire life. Not to be shallow, but I'm not looking forward to seeing his busted face every day for the next nine months.

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  • You won't just see his busted face, you'll also see him in a towel and occasionally less. Not to mention the fat girls he'll probably bring back to your room.

    Who gives a s*** - it's college. Go bang a bunch of girls.

  • If you both go to the bar you'll look like Adonis compared to him. Win-win!

  • Are you gay and disappointed that you don't find him attractive enough to suck his d*** or are you straight and just a shallow f***?

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