I asked my mother for a spanking and got one on bare bottom

On December 19 2022,it was time around 5:30,i approached my mother and said i want to tell you something plzz come inside and she said no tell me here and i just felt ok with that.I said "My mother i want u to give me a bare bottom spanking."She said"why should i spank you?" and i said "cause ive been doing very bad things like watching ** hiding ur bra and ** watching u taking shower"she said "I already knew about it but i didn't wanted to expose u"then my mother after telling me some things said"who am i to spank ur bare bottom"and i said "ive come to u so u can give me punishment"then 15 mins later she agreed to spank me but first she picked up the hanger from the side and she hit two strokes on my leg and then she said"turn around a bit go on u want a spanking lay down here"i obeyed her and laid down then she spanked me with the hanger for 5 min without exposing my bottom and she asked "is it painful?"i had a winter trouser on and I wasn't feeling anything and i said "no im not feeling anything"then she hit me with even more force and said "what about that one?"i said "still cant feel anything"then she said alright than she pulled my shirt out of my trouser and lower down my trouser and my underwear just to the end of my **.I was embarrassed because i was wearing a pink underwear with flowers on it.After exposing my bottom she started spanking me with the hanger for two minutes and then she lowered my trouser and underwear to my knees.Then she started spanking me soundly and without stopping she continued it for 10 mins.After 10 mins she told me to get up and put ur clothes back up.I did as she told me.Then she told me to stay away from her for 1 week which was only for about 1 hour.Im 16 years old and i got this spanking last Month.It made me feel very great to confess my sins and im trying not to do these stuff again or next time i wont have my pants and underwear on when i will be getting spanked

Thank u for reading my story

Jan 4

Next Confession

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