I kinda like kicking guys in the b****

So I'm 15, and I have a older brother who is 17. We were playing outside the other day and I accidently hit his nuts. I felt really bad at first, this was the first time I ever did this. However I kind of felt good. He usually bullied me bc I never fought back, but I never thought to go for his b****. So anyway, the next day when I got home from school, I walked up to him and hit him in the b**** randomly. He kind of hunched over. He then tried to grab me so I was able to kick him in the nuts. He finally fell to the ground and I laughed and ran away. I think I found my new hobby. Idk if other girls do this. Is this normal?

4 days

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  • Uhh no it's not normal! Wait until you come across someone like me and it backfires on you

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