30 years has come to an end...sad

I met my wife in the summer of 1990 at an air show , she worked for the catering company, i was a volunteer with the air show. saturday after the show ended, the management thru a party for all volunteers and pilots. the pilots were from russia, and what time we had to visit with them. at the dinner that night she was serving in the catering line, when i got to her i wanted gravy and other condiments they didnt have, her boss told her to tell me this is not thanksgiving and to move along. i got my dinner and enjoyed the evening. the drinks started flowing and i went up to her and a friend and asked both to dance, her friend said no, and her boss threatened to fire her if she did not dance with me. and she did , we started dating got married in may of 1992. times were great back then, we had 3 great kids, and then life started happening and sometimes overwhelmingly. it continued to get more and more complicated and harder as time went on. the last 4 years have been unbearable for both of us and often for different reasons. today we went to divorce court and at our next court appearance next week we will officially divorced - finalized. we had a good run, and we are still amicable, none the less...what a sad ending to a 1/3 of a century

Jan 28

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  • Ending your marriage is painful and you deserve time to grieve and find yourself. Staying amicable not only for your kids sake but also for yours is wonderful. Sometimes people can’t live together but can maintain a close relationship and be able to help each other if needed. You will be ok. It takes time. Be kind to yourself.

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