Hubby dared me - I wore thong panties to the lake

We are in our 30's.
I am 135lb, 5'7", B-cup, long blonde hair, pale blue eyes.
I've been getting hit on since I was 15. As I tell my hubby, "guys like to look at girls and girls like to look a t guys, it's natural!"
So, we're sunning and swimming along the shore of local reservoir. A stunning darkly tanned 50-something man comes along, throws his big towel down right near where I'm laying. I'm wearing dark I'm looking. He's lean and built! Secretly looking behind my glasses! He whips his shirt off and pulls down his shorts.....and he's wearing a black thong bathing suit! Bent over, I'm staring at the tightest butt you can imagine! He turns. and it is all on full display. Bulging sweetly! Now this isn't Italy - we're in OHIO!
I have a great 2 hrs not staring! Not at his hard well-oiled ass, very nicely bulging fabric pocket. The slim covering between his legs when he turns over. I am so h**** by the time we get to the car I want to mount hubby on the hood! What an ass!
We talk, and f*** at home. I share how h**** that guy made sexy and daring it is to wear a thong in this state, in public!
Husband said, "yeah, you'd never have the nerve to do something like that!"
I said, "well, I don't own a thong bathing suit! - but...if I did....!"
Hubby said, "honey - there's no difference between your thong panties and the bathing suit he wore!'d never wear a thong, panties or not, out in public...."
That week I called the State Park Ranger station, and asked the lady Ranger if I'd get arrested or anything.
She laughed and said, "No honey - but I'd love to see you do it!"
Two weeks later we drive to the lake, I'm wearing my little white short-shorts to the shore-line. Hubby gets all comfy - with the towels, picnic basket, etc. laid out in the grass near the water. Laying on his side looking at me.....
I stand in front of him, pull off my T-shirt to show my navy string bikini top. Then I take a deep breath, looking around at all the males, dozens!, young and old, walking, playing, anchored nearby in boats.....and at all the wives and girl friends!... the kids are hundreds of yards down the shore...(lady Ranger said, "honey, please, just move to the area away from the children")
.....and I unzip my shorts and start to wiggle them down...."Damn! I really want to do this?!"
"WHY am I doing this?!"
That one I have no answer for! Not one I'd like? (I just like men looking at me.....and maybe l****** for me. Always have, probably always will.)
Down goes the shorts finally popping over my butt and of course pulling the waist string of my thong half way down to lay across my pale naked butt cheeks!
I quickly slide the shorts down and reach around to get that string back up around my waist and up into my butt - as though that pale blue string up my ass makes me decently covered now!
I quickly got face down on the towel.....which is dumb. I have a fairly nice size triangle of fabric covering my mound, but there is nothing covering my bottom! Nothing!!
A string around my waist, and a string disappearing into my butt. It's a very nice butt - for over 10 yrs I've heard that from men and boys! "Hey, cute butt!" "Nice ass, girl!" Still!'s back there, uncovered for all to see.! Sun feels good - and I am going to burn like a taco if....and hubby gladly gets out the sun lotion and has the best damn 45 mins publicly 'violating' a girls' thighs, crotch and ass! up between things, sliding along inside things....deep massaging hidden 'private' places!
A video would show some guy thoroughly 'feeling-up' and deep fondling in the most outrageous manner some poor girl's naked ass and crotch on a public beach!
....but no, it's just hubby caring for his sweet wife's girly parts :-) "sure don't want THIS part to burn!"
At home, we discussed the whole episode happily. He saw men and boys and women staring, pointing, taking pix, using binoculars from the boats. Wives were smacking husbands. Mothers leading teenagers away.
Husband said the best part was when it was time to leave - before I burned to a crisp!....and I put my slightly short t-shirt on and climbed the long hill, sweet bare ass bobbling, through the crowds back to our car. "I was in a hurry!"
"Sure, that's why you didn't wear your shorts out through that crowd!"
"Okay! that time I was feeling more than a little flirty; I'll admit I was enjoying all the attention!"
(I didn't mention it to my husband - but I could tell that more than a few women knew that I was not wearing a bathing thong - they knew I was wearing panties!)
It was fun. A one time thing. We f*** a lot to it. A couple of times he's embarrassed me at parties by sharing what I did! Well, I should have been embarrassed --- but it made me a bit of hero to the women....and I couldn't help but notice that the men got a kick out of the story as it was passed around. "she wore her thong panties in public!" ('now we know she wears thong panties!')
True story.

Feb 3

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  • Stuff like this is why I'm glad lakes I went to didn't have a kid area and the women didn't care what they wore around me.

  • My husband once removed my bikini bottoms while we were playing in the State park lake. He was holding me as we kissed, and slid them off of me and tucked them in his shorts.
    While he was sort of carrying me...he had his thumb inside of me! as we stood and kissed.
    Then he put me down, slid his thumb out of me and said, "I'll be right back!" He walked out of the lake leaving me bottomless! We were not the only adults out there and I was afraid some guys would wander by!
    He went up to our blanket and got a drink....smiling out there at me. I was so friggin' turned on by the whole thing. We do not live nearby - and so I was very tempted to just walk out of the water and collect the rest of my bathing suit!
    I started wading toward the shore - which got his attention! He watched, smiling. I kept coming. He threw his water bottle down....
    and came running out to join me just as I was belly button deep in the water! A couple more steps and I'd have been displaying my wet brunette pubes!
    He led me into deeper water, handed my my bottoms and said, "you sexy little vixen - you'd have walked out wouldn't you?!"
    "What ? A mother of two can't be sexy any longer?" I said.

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  • I, male, wear bikini panties to the beach

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