I hate f****** god

Everytime I want to do something I get rained on. Since god, yahweh or what ever that piece of s**** name is wants to p*** rain on me I'll go ahead and commit blasphemy.

F*** you god f*** you jesus I renounce the c** dumpster holy spirit.

Shove it up your homosexual a****** jesus.

13 days

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  • Use a weather forecasting service and always carry a small umbrella in your backpack dumbass. If you dont like the climate, move somewhere else.

  • One day every tongue will confess He is God. One day every knee will bow, that includes you.

    You think you’re offending Christian’s but you’re really only hurting yourself eternally.

    Gnashing of the teeth eternally…. Think it through

  • Is this ex mayor Lightfoot??

  • It's not god. A demon's persecuting you. You're cursed with bad luck. Go see a gypsy seer.

  • Gypsy seer is a minion of the Devil

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