Find a person tied up?

If you found a guy tied up naked deep in the woods to a tree and blindfolded, what would you do?

13 days

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  • Easy. Untie him and let him go.

  • I would like to be tied up, blindfolded, and naked and be helpless as several women fondled me and may sucked or f***** me against my will making me c** over and over again.

  • How many fantasy posts do you make a day?

  • Being tied up in the woods is a fantasy. The 1 other post I have made is a true story and I’m thinking about doing it again when the opportunity comes up.

  • This is a good one.
    I'm a female & 49. Hiking is what I love to do. I usually go alone since my husband refuses to go with me. I go on one epic hike a year for a week, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Smoky Mountains & Appalachian Trail.
    I am married.....This sounds naughty but this is anonymous....
    If I was hiking alone and came up on a guy tied to a tree and blindfolded.........
    I would give him oral and if we were the right size, I'd pull down my shorts, back into him and have s**.
    I'd for sure loosen his ropes afterward so he could get free after I was a distance away.

  • I’d like to tie you up and c** til I pass out

  • Good for you

  • I don’t do much backpacking but I hike and trail run and camp. I usually do it alone too, since my wife won’t come either. I’m 51 and in good shape. You wouldn’t be near Ohio, would you?

  • That would be incredible. Just curious, your husband doesn’t hike with you. Does he try to meet your ‘needs’? Or are you mostly alone on that too?

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