A Bum Story

I am 18 and not quite sure about my sexuality. My friend who is a couple of years older than me regularly fondles my bottom whenever he gets me on my own. I cannot help but get turned on and we end up naked and he has up to recently simulated having s** with me by putting his c*** between my thighs and working himself off until I feel his come trickling down the inside of my legs.

I have now progressed to sucking him off and on some occassions he finds it hard to hold back and comes in my mouth. To be honest I am so turned on that I don't mind and I encourage him at times to pull it out just before he is about to climax and then I j*** him off so that he can see his sperm spurt into my open mouth, and yes I do swallow.

He has recently being trying to pursuade me to take it up the a***, but I have been a bit worried that he might hurt me as his c*** is a magnificent 11" when fully erect. I have in the past let him put it between my bum cheeks and pretend to f*** me that way and when he comes I let him spurt over my bum hole. However when he as tried to push it up me I squeeze my buttocks together to stop him.

Last week however I finally relented as he promised that if he lubricated my hole as well as his c*** it would'nt hurt. He came around to my house and after abouit half an hour of fore play he told me to get on all fours doggy style. He put a pillow down for me to lie my head, in this position your a*** naturally sticks up in the air. He spread my legs which fully exposed my bum hole. I felt the K Gel being massaged around my hole and then braced myself for his c***. I felt his huge k*** end nudge the opening of my hole. Inch by inch he pushed it up my hole and to be honest it was sliding up me quite easily. When he was almost fully inside me he rammed the last inch right up and I took a deep breath. He then slowly but firmly started to f*** me, I cannot describe how good it felt, his breathing got heavier as he started to increase the intensity and the speed of the f****** until I knew that he was losing his self control as he was now banging away at me. Finally he grabbed the inside of my thighs and rammed his c*** right up me and held it there for what seemed an age. I felt a hot wetness inside my hole and his c*** which up to now had been rock hard softened inside me. He let it soak inside me for a few minutes and than pulled it slowly out and it made a plopping noise and it came out of my hole. I turned over and could see his now semi limp c*** which still had drops of s**** on it and I could feel a bit of the s**** ooze out of my bum hole. I bent over and sucked his c*** so that I could take the last remaining sperm inside my mouth. He leaned over me and asked if I was Ok, I said that was the best sexual experience of my life and from now on he could f*** me wherever and whenever he liked and I would do anything he wanted no matter what .

He said his fatasy his to f*** me naked in the fresh air, somewhere like a field or in a wood, so we are looking around for somewhere suitable and I will let you know how we get on.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • "I am 18 and not quite sure about my sexuality" What? Must it be engraven onto a railroad spike and drivin into your brain??? You're f****** gay

  • OMFG you sucked his d*** after it was in your ASS!!!!! That's so f****** nasty I think I might vomit. DId it ever occur to you that there might be some S*** on there? You can't exactly see microscopic fecal bacteria. YUCKY

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