6-I think I would make a really good serial killer...and am scared I may become one.

7-I lost my virginity in the men's toilets in a club. I don't remember how I got there, how I met the guy or his name but I do remember he had a big d***. The next day my friend asked me if I had s** with him and if so how it was "date rape" I told her it wasn't. This was actually the perfect way for me to lose it, I hate intimacy it gives me the creeps.

8-I don't have the will power to acomplish my ambitions or even quit smoking.

9-I pee in the shower.

10-I watch loads of films so that I have stuff in common with people.

11-I worry that I'm boring, people only laugh at me when I do something embarrassing.

12-I don't even like smoking, but I've smoked for 2 years.

13-I have sexual fantasy about every person I meet (male and female).

14-I like swimming in the sea cause of the way the cold hits my southern area...

15-I'm not but if I were gay I think all my friends would abandon me.

16-I lied to my therapist that I was cured so I didn't have to listen to her patronising voice and also I kind of like being a little f***** up.

17-I've never told anyone any of these things.

18-I'm scared I might have fabricated my fear of heights to begin with for attention... I have now idea but heights do give me panic attacks.

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  • I also pee on the shower
    and like the feeling of cold water on my "southern area"

    ...I hope that doesn't make me as f***** up as you...

  • um.... isn't that what this entire web site is ALL about. shut up you a******! " if you can't say anything nice , don't say anything at all"

  • To the person who made the comment just above this one, SHUT THE F*** UP... No one is being a d***, this person is just trying to make themself seem better than what they really are.

    Oh, I could be a serial killer, I could be bi, look at me, LOOK AT ME!

    Just one more needy attention grabbing f*** in a world full of 'em.

  • to the comenters belittling this person...BACK THE F*** OFF...have some compassion people...this peron obviously needed this outlet for some reason or stop being d**** ok!

  • Just more pathetic pieces of s***.

  • 6,7,8,9,10 and 16..ME too! but I lie to therapist and doctor's because I have spent my entire life pretending I am the strong stable one and have a huge fear that if it gets out that I am a mess my family will implode, and while I don't care at all about the adults, I can't do that to nieces and nephews!

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