Why I Believe I Have To Become A Split Crossdressing Enigma

If you had told me several years ago that I was going to go through the male menopause and then become a transvestite, I would have never believed you.

The next eight lines are from my Profile,
**(Several years ago, I went through the male menopause, and my body started producing less testosterone. Some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels are...
Erectile dysfunction,
Low libido,
Decreased in body hair,
Swelling of the breast tissue,
Testicular shrinkage low testosterone levels which could contribute to a disproportionately smaller ** and ** shrinkages.

Because of this, I now have to have testosterone injections every twelve weeks to keep my ** working; if it were not for these injections, I may have killed myself by now.
I was told this was due to a tumour that as form in my pituitary gland underside my brain, I'm first to admit that I'm not sure, once my body started producing less testosterone, that another part started releasing more estrogen, and I started finding some men sexually attractive and for the past several years I have been fighting my Bisexuality.

I have lost all the hair on my legs, so I can now wear stockings without the risk of ripping them when putting them on. I have also had some testicular shrinkage, and now, finally, it seems I have developed small **.

Because of this, I no longer feel I am 100% male and, like Shania Twain sings, "Man!" I Feel like a Woman!
So now it looks like I'm heading toward becoming a Split Crossdressing Enigma.

Now the question is: Why?
A Crossdressing ** because I no longer feel like a man, I can no longer called myself a Master, although I still enjoyed ** and ** so I will become the next best thing, A Crossdressing **. who will use her large ** ** on males and females submissives.

Now the confusing bit is that another side of me is also going to become a Sissy at times, because if I cannot be a man, at least I can become a good ** **.

Apr 10

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Dysfunctional fmily

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