Goodbye a******

You know what it is? I don't want to be with you. I can't. And I won't. I'm not about to leave this world with a legacy of domestic violence attached to my name. I don't even like you much as a friend or even a person anymore after what you did to me- and her. There's something wrong with you. But the thing is, I'm learning the art of manipulation thanks to you and I don't like it. There's something wrong with you. You're a narcissist or something. You don't seem to understand- I don't see you in the same light. I just SEE you now. You know what? No thanks.

What I also don't like is how resigned everyone around here is to domestic violence. What I really don't like is that you hurt her and she's still with you. And now I have no respect for her either. I wanted to. I didn't want to walk down the road of life alone anymore BUT A) I'm used to it and B) I'd rather be alone than be miserable, putting up with your miserable self, being miserable because you don't have the sense God gave a mule. You think the world revolves around you and you're just like my ex- just full of fear. It's sick. You're afraid of this, you're afraid of that, you're the most insecure thing I've ever seen in my life. And you think the world cares.

I know you're afraid but a life with you is no life. She is the better choice for you. When I said she ain't goin' nowhere, that's the truth. And neither are you. This whole area is the posterchild for what undereducation, poor nutrition and low standards amounts to in life. A bunch of barely graduated high school (if at all) ignorant to the world people who go straight into factory work, making nearly $40,000 a year and still can't make ends meet because beer or buying jet skis is more important than planning for the future.

What have I got myself into I wonder?

It was nice of you to offer me a place to stay after I lost my home to the hurricane; but if I knew then what I know now, my ass would have stayed on that island and roughed it. Because there'd be no you or any of your bullshit.

My situation will change. I will get away from you. Count on it. And when that happens, you'll never see me again. You'll email and I'll respond to be nice but if you think I'm going to keep you in my life full time, forget it.

You'll be a memory soon. Because every dickhole like you I've been with is. I'll go home. Go home to my life and pretend you were just a bad dream.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Really, people? Almost 9 years and NOBODY has a "go you" for this strong person who broke out of a sick and f***** up prison? And I thought my opinion of the creatures oozing around this site couldn't get any lower...

    Well, f*** 'em all hon. I'M proud of you! There aren't nearly enough DV escapees out there; like you say, they more often just accept it like cattle. I hope you're doing well in life and finding your strength in other ways too.

    Go You!!

  • I have learned in life, that people love a strong plucky hero(ine) in movies, not so much in real life. People who fight their way out of s***** situations, and crow about it get ignored or shouted down, humans are idiots

  • Humans are crabs in a bucket.

    Humans are HERD animals.

    Humans are not as smart as our technology is, and it is in the process of biting us all in the ass.

    There need to be more plagues and mass shootings, because there's no such thing as chemotherapy for an entire planet.

  • And Covid isn't killing enough morons, while taking out people who actually try to prevent it from spreading-- which it is -because of- those morons. So much for the plague. More mass shootings please!

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