My dog

I wish my Maxy could’ve met my Maggie it hearts my heart knowing they’ll never be friends, the would’ve gotten along so well. I looked up his favorite toy witch was a giggle ball because he was completely blind but they didn’t make them the way they looked in 2018 and not seeing the exact toy pop up felt like something broke in me. It’s been 5 years since Maxy passed away but I still feel like I just got the news. Someone in my life compared the grief 2 theirs and it made me feel so ** embarrassed because “it was just a dog” but he wasn’t an it he was my best friend. I felt like ** reading cus I’ve never talked about it that person just found out how much he meant to me thru stalking me and took something so vulnerable and ** on me completely. I feel like I lost my family because he was my baby and my new dog will never be able 2 meet him. I have dreams about them playing together and I even think “ oh I thought he died” and they’d be playing together. They got along so well. I miss him so much and I don’t know how 2 process it. I love u Maxy and Maggie. Thank u for being my biggest blessings.

Jul 27

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