my older sister used to dry hump me naked when i was only 5ish ..

she's 7 years older

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  • She wanted to f*** you should have f***** her

  • It's actually not uncommon. Young siblings sexually experiment all the time. It's totally normal and neither of you did anything wrong.

  • ---------------------------------------> take off her make her all nude you dumb s***

  • my little sister use to dry hump me and we were nudemy little h****** rubing on her young hairless p**** and 1 day she was doing it and it went all the way in her p**** and then we started f****** all the time she was 5yo and i was 7yo we still talk about it all the time ;-]

  • Love to get me some 5 yr old p****

  • U sick f***

  • Im really sorry that thats happened to you.
    She did the wrong thing, completely.

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