I think I saw my girlfriend in an amatuer p.o.v p*** video. The lighting and quality of the video are poor, so I can't be certain. But when "she" isn't getting face f***** it sounds like her. And there isn't ever a "shot" of her entire face, but what I can make out really looks like her. We broke up for about a year and she was with a few guys during that period and I'm wondering IF its her if it was in that time frame. I really dont want to be constantly plagued my curiosity of "what if", so I want to confront her about it. The thing is, she doesn't think I watch p***, also if I do confront her and it isn't her, I'm gonna look like douche of the year for the speculation. I dont know what to do. I need constructive advice. Please give me some well thought out suggestions. Thankyou.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • please dont think like that. These p*** movies are all bull s***.

    You can see many girls with almost similar faces, not only girls but also guys...

    So, i think you dnt hv to worry about anythng...

  • Oh just leave it alone and be happy that it IS her and that it'll be on the internet forever. Forever. Bring it up in a few years when you feel like it.

    If you can spin it, make it a -what if- thing for her. -What if he saw it?- It'll drive her crazy too.

  • what is the big deal about watching p***? i like it a lot of women do too. she might too. if you can't ask her a question then a relationship won't work. be open. let her know how you feel about it.


  • So pop in the vid when you have her over one night and say things like, "Oh man, that is so hot!" , "I'd love to watch you do me EXACTLY like that!" , or "I wanna make a movie like that with you." and watch her reaction.

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