s***, or happiness

i have had s** with 4 different guys in 5 days.
one of them is the a guy im truely falling for but hes only interested in s**.
i let people use me because it makes me feel loved.

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  • Lot of that going around. When I was in college, I did 25 guys in 3 days. Sore as f*** afterward, too.

    I recommend finding a guy online. Look around the "cuckold" places on the web - "Cuckolds" are these guys who like having other guys s**** their women. Hook up with one of those and you have the best of both worlds - a guy who loves you and lots of f******.

  • ^BT, just shut up, we don't need a moral lesson from you.

  • You sound like someone I know. Girl you need to start playing hard to get. Guys will fall for you instead of fall on you.
    Trust me... it works

    God bless and good luck

  • Definitely happiness. 5 guys in 4 days and you'd be a s***.

  • Hey beby, let me show you how much I love you.

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