S** with my Sister-In-Law

Last week when her husband was out of town...she called me over to help fix a leaking sink problem. The kids were with grandma she had been drinking before I got there. She was wearing pj bottom shorts and a tank top with no bra. I didnt think anything of it..started working on the problem and she was just talking and drinking when said she wish she could get laid more often, she says shes at that age where is just always h****. I told her I wish her sister had that problem. She told me IF you were my husband I would f*** you all the time... I was a bit taken back by this..i mean she is very attractive and from time to time i catch my self looking at her in a sexual way...but when she said that i instantly got a h******...since i was under the sink it was kind of hard to hide it..she laughed and said oh i am sorry did i say something... i just laughed try to play it off...she contiuned to talk about how she likes to play with herself in the morning shower before work OTHERWISE she is just to worked up durning the day she asked how often i j*** off....i admit this talk was getting me quite worked up...THEN she says GREAT really loud...i asked what happened...I am wet now thanks... i was paraylzed with fear I didnt want to move get up or anything... thats when it all came to a head....she hopped down from the counter and said...would you f*** me please...i promise not to tell anyone i just have always wondered what it would be like t have you....of course i stopped and just stared at the pipes...i could feel her hands working up my shorts...and rubbing my d*** now...she started to undo my shorts and i did nothing....she asked if i was just going to lay there...i said what can i do...she said dont move....she slid off my shorts my rock hard d*** just standing up she slid off her shorts and sat on my c***....she was so wet it went in with out any effort....her ass was facing me and she slowly rode my c***...i didnt feel any shame what so ever...for the next 2 hours we f***** all over the house, afterwards she asked if she was better then her sister... and i admiited she was...

my whole confession is i just needed to say this to get it off my chest its been eating at me..because i enjoyed it..i want more...she drives me nuts...she lets me do things to her my wife wont even think of.....

i am so f*****

Jul 8, 2010

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  • IDK but you would be right up my sister-in-law's alley or a******. She loves this kind of thing. Ask for Karla.

  • I f***** my sister inlaw up the ass whilst her husband f***** my wife in the same bed

  • You are the worst kind of man, a cheater. You also have ZERO self control evidently. I really hope someone lets you're wife know so she can dump both your a**** to the curb.

    Sorry not sorry. I don't feel sorry for either of you.

    You both should be ashamed.

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  • So you fixed the household plumbing and her plumbing. good fella?

  • Similar thing happened to me 3 months ago my sister-in-law is nothing special but in bed she's a wild woman I didn't expect that from a 52 year old sister in law she does this take everything

  • A few years ago my SiL and I had an affair. She is also married. She became pregnant and wasn’t sure who the father was. (Me or her husband) she had the baby. We ended it and moved on. She had the baby and her and her husband were happy. 10 years later. He husband discovered he was unable to get anyone pregnant. She had there child and him tested to see if he was the father. He was not. They divorced. I now secretly give he money for child support. We so far has been cool about who the father is.
    So over the last couple months. We have started up again. She has stated to me that she would love another baby. I will admit. I have not been the most carefulness about birth control. I know I should not but the thought of getting her pregnant is very erotic.

  • You need to get her pregnant again. That way, you can have both sisters as your own possessions. They will be your private property and you will f*** and impregnate them as you please. When that day comes, please share one of their wombs to my sperm. i will appreciate another young.

  • Yer just a t***

  • I know this is an old post but I just found it. And, the reason I found it is that I googled 's** with sister in law'.

    My SIL is fifteen years younger than me. I've known her since she was just 10, and I first met her older sister. I've always loved that girl.

    I watched her grow up, get married, and have a child.

    Well, a year and a half ago, her husband died unexpectedly. He was only 54. My SIL just turned 57 and doesn't seem to be interested in any new relationship. She's letting me fill in for her past husband in advice for finances and other things.

    OK, another thing, my wife lost interest in s** 7 years ago. Yes, I am embarrassed to confess, it's been 7 years since I've enjoyed intercourse. And, since her Brother-in-law passed away, my wife has encouraged me to get closer to her younger sister.

    Well, you know what, I'd love to get really close to her. If she has needs and no longer has a husband to attend to them? And I have needs and my wife no longer wants to attend to them? OK, win/win for all three of us, huh?

  • I'm in the bathroom right now sniffing cocaine and j********** while my wife is getting f***** by my best friend in the other room. We're taking turns f****** her and doing lines

  • My new girl caught me j********** to my, now, ex sister in law Cindy and she allowed it. But told me not to object when she invited her ex to f***.. I didn't object.. I filmed it.. th an sucked his d*** as he f***** her.

  • I just celebrated Valentine's day the best way possible. I f***** my fat sister in law Tami while my brother was sleeping in.. she was watching tv in the living room and I just came right out and told her that I loved J********** too her. She's a fat Rockabilly babe with long blonde hair and hair bangs like betty paige. She has some big t*** and a Lot of tattooes and always wears leather and corsets.. she had on a black and silver shiny corset and a short tight black leather skirt and some k we night leather boots.. she says she just finished f****** my brother... so when I told her I j******* thinking about her. It turned her on.. she laid flat on her back on the couch and located her skirt a little and opened her legs and let me f*** her. I f***** her so hard and fast that I didn't get a chance to pull out on time.. we scheduled another f*** session tonight after they f*** again.. this time I told her I wanted to film it so I can show my wife

  • I love to j******* to pictures of my mom sucking a d***. Her name is Trippy13

  • Need more info plz

  • When I was 38 I was going to school for work. It was 350 miles from where I live with my wife and 2 son's. One night Me my SIL and ner husband went to the bar. We decided to leave and go to their house. I got a 1/5 of vodka, They got rum and coke. I was sitting in a well stuffed chair. I fell asleep. When I woke up I had most of a extra large glass of vodka and 7 sitting there so I started drinking t and lit a cig. After I finished my second cig. I heard my SIL say good morning. I looked up and she was standing there nude. I asked where is XXXX her husband? She said he was at work. So I knew this was damn sure a invitation. I waked over icked her up laid her on thier bed She had a great shape at 42. Nice firm B sized t**'s the still stood up even laying on her back and a thin strip of hair that was thin enough it was almost looking at a young teen's p****. I was hard. I stripped and was on and in her fast. She had the tightest p**** I had been in since I was 17. A lot tighter rhan her sis "my wife".I told her and she said her husband and step dad both had pencil d****. The next time I stayed the night I woke to her unzipping my pants with a pillow under her knees. She was great at sucking c***. She said that was what her step dad came by for most of the time. I was there for 12 weeks and found out ON THE LAST WEEK!! what I was missing for the first 11 weeks. DAMN I!!! All that wasted time.

  • U need to go by more. try to impregnate her.

  • I f***** my sister-in-law it all started taking a ride on the ATC when she asked me if she can drive I love her she felt My d*** was hard. She stop quick and kiss me then she dropped her shorts and f***** her on ATC But one thing getting a b****** was a best from here

  • My SIL got me drunk sucked my c*** dry and f***** me. When I came she said "if I get preg. no one will know it's yours. Then the next day told my brother I raped her!!! She was a great c*** sucker !!!

  • I bet she didn't suck as good as my 45 year old sister did when I was 36 !!!

  • I f***** my sister-in-law first time I met her I was 16 just came back from a vacation with parents came back home she was there she didn’t have a choice she was pregnant but my brother then they moved out and then she would call me and I ask if I could stay with their my brother was Out of town and that’s when it all started after that it was just every day we have s** at nine world he was asleep or we will take a walk and just f*** at a park anywhereTo this day she left my brother we moved out together but I got her pregnant before she left she would tell my brother it was his until he did a DNA but now we still live together after all these years

  • I f***** my sister-in-law I live with them for three years I would f*** you when my brother was asleep I lasso got her pregnant she has two kids from my brother which I raised and now we are married been together now for almost 27 years My daughter is 24 and we still f*** like crazy

  • I did the same I f*** my sister in law and still with her after 28years and it’s still a good f*** I f*** like 3 times a day I love it especially When we go on vacation alone with no kids dam we get crazy I mean crazy s**

  • I 'm f****** my 34 year old sister-in -law and also my niece , her daughter she said she want to have a s** orgy with both of them. My brother is away next week so we are going to do it then so wish my luck.

  • Dream on

  • New

  • Hot off the press release. My sister In law, rode my c*** while I was asleep but I guess I wasn't completely asleep. I really enjoyed s** with her. She's better looking than my wife and better at s**. Plus she made me feel more like a man. After a whole bunch of drama happening. I told my wife. My wife doesn't believe me. My sister in laws husband is mad at me for whatever reason and I've been told not to ever come by again. I don't know what my sister in law said but all around I feel tucked. For one I never pursued her. But like a month after I got "raped by her" I anonymously texted her some freaky s** talk letting her know I know and that I'm ok with it and that I would like to start an affair. I feel like s*** about it but not. I told my with and she just laughs and doesn't believe her sis would do that. But she did. Now my wife say she going to ask her. Like her sisters going to tell the truth. But whatever, I'm just a crazy Iraqi war vet who is supposedly delusional. It doesn't help that my sister in laws husband is a psych doctor. But now I think I'm going to get slapped with a restraining order and its not necessary. I got raped and it felt f****** unbelievably awesome. Her sister is f****** sexy. But I'm no stocker or creep. I got a taste and didn't get it all out of my system. I wish I could be with her but that will never happen. I just totally feel screwed right now. But whatever. Hate me bus I liked being talked to dirty while getting my coke rode by a super hot woman.

  • Go and get help F*** wit

  • I f***** my sister-in-law I live with them for three years and those three years were the best and also got her pregnant she had two kids from my brother and now we are married and still f*** like crazy

  • I've seen nudes of my sil and man I would die happily if I could just f*** her once in her big ass and juicy p****

  • And you are all evil, luckily your wives will get their revenge in court.

  • I f***** my sister in law while my girl was asleep now we meet every two days

  • I'm in love with my SIL. She flirts with me whenever I see her. Shes 55, blonde with a 18 yr. old body. Shes so hot. How can I get her to have s** with me? I think she knows that I want her. She has a bf but he is a pompus ass. Help me.

  • You gone crazy ain't ya cuz?

  • Lucky

  • B careful get a lock of her p**** hair if she tells ur wife u giv husband her hair

  • I dated my sister in law before I married my wife. So jumping into bed was not hard for either of us. The bigger problem was when she became pregnant. She told her husband that it was he and that was five years ago. Lately she has been asking me to get her pregnant again. Her and her husband have been trying for a year with no luck. I have had s** with her a couple of times unprotected but she has no become pregnant. the more I think about it the more I want to knock her up

  • I loved knocking my Sil up twice. Is beautiful to see the kids grow up knowing it's a total secret between you. She likes to be treated as a wife n we still keep doing it.

  • U av 2 b faithful

  • Oh boy, definitely a bad move. And she'll tell her sister. Sounds like she's already in some kind of competition with her sister.

  • Here is mine: http://www.confessionpost.com/49938/i-met-someone

  • 27A prostitute is a dangerous trap;
    a promiscuous woman is as dangerous as falling into a narrow well.
    28She hides and waits like a robber,
    eager to make more men unfaithful.

    Proverbs 23

  • Www.thepraxiscatholiceschool.com

  • FAKE!! did you still that idea of pornhub or some s***

  • Likely videos I've seen something like it

  • Sorry xvideos

  • I have shagged my wife's sister a number of times but I really wouldn't recommend it because I have been worried ever since that my wife would find out. That would be a double betrayal.
    The trouble is if she pops round when my wife is out then I know we will soon be naked, I will have her nipples in my mouth and will start 69ing and all the rest. She does the most wonderful r****** job and I like to rim her. I usually dump my load on her big milkers, we have an ongoing competition to see how much of them I can cover. So I have started not having or wanking for days just to build up a good reservoir of jizzum.

  • I just got back home from f****** my sister in law Cindy. She called me to go over to her house to help her instal computer. As a reward she unzipped my pants and gave me a b******. She sucked my d*** for a while so what I did was I began to look around at the pictures of her family on her wall and stared obsessively at pics of her mother Carmen and her sisters Mayra, Maria and Romy.. I had already gotten the chance to f*** all 3 of my sisters in law.. But not my Mother in law.. I f***** mayra during her birthday last year.. We snuck down into her basement and I lifted her skirt and are her p**** ferociously.. She stood there moaning and jerking around. Then I bent her over and rammed my d*** inside her p**** hard and fast until I came inside her p****. I got the chance to f*** Maria when she showed up to my house last summer, wearing a shirt black leather skirt with fishnet stockings. I let her in and without saying another word to her, I took her to our room(me and my wife talie)she sucked my d*** and rode my cockuntil I was ready to c**. Then I simply shot my got c** all over her leather skirt. I f***** Romy in a hotel room close to her daighter's school. We dropped off punkzilla(her daughter) at the school and and I started to fondle her t*** and began to rub her crotch. And she whispered in my me that she wanted me to f*** the s*** out of her.. And couldn't wait to have my d*** in her mouth and p****. So we rented a room in a hotel in pacoima and I f***** her in every way possible and filmed it with my cell phone. So back to Cindy, she kept sucking my d*** and licking my b**** as I stared at her sisters and mom.thes she stood up and I started sucking on her fat t***..as I fingered her p****. I sat on the couch and got her to ride me an damn she was a good f***..

  • You wish

  • I'm 18f this made me so wet

  • How wet can i lick u dry

  • I am h**** too

  • Where you from what’s your number lmao

  • Wow

  • Are you ever into sexting

  • I like to sniff my SIL's worn panties. MMMMmmmmmmm. I would love to feast on her p**** and lick her sweet MILF a******.

  • I do this to my mother in law's dirty panties every time I'm at her house

  • And I had a pair that my sister in law left in the backroom at my house i sniffed and licked them clean and then I put them on my c*** and jacked off in them and blew a huge load in them

  • Eat me out plz I'm so wet I have panties for u mmmmm

  • Jjj

  • Come I will eat you

  • California??.

  • Come to mass ????

  • Id eat out your s*****

  • All you guys should stop confessing your fantacies this is a confessing website

  • I video taped my sis in law Moncha sucking my d*** and riding me and my girl found the footage.

  • Same here not sis in law tho ..then got drunk and got h**** n f***** me with new life in her.. competition for women #attention

  • I Love my sister in law. I confessed to the her that I constantly jack of to her pictures and think about her when I f*** my my wife( her sis). It turn out that it turned her on to hear that. She invited to the Vineland drive In theater
    So we agreed on a meeting somewhere where nobody would spot us so I picked her up outside of her old job, and damn! She looks really hot. She was dressed in a dress that made big t*** pop out even more than usual. So she got in my truck and gave me a big sloppy wet kiss while she fonddled my c*** and b****. We drove off and didn't even get too far before I pulled over into a strip mall parking lot and I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard c***.. I waved it infront of her and teased her with it.. I then grabbed the back of her head and I pushed her down on my c*** and made her suck it.. After 20 minutes I came In her mouth. We then preceded to go to the drive in.. Once we got there I began to squeeze her t*** and suck on them on them as I rubbed her p****. She began to moan and begged me to f*** her. So I up the seat down and lifter her dress and got on top of her and got between her open legs and f***** her hard. We f***** for so hard. Them she asked me if she could ride my d*** so I let her. She rode my c*** until I came in her.. After I busted a nut in her she just stay on top of me with my d*** still inside her, squeezing my c*** with her p**** muscles. We kept kissing and it felt good to have my toung in my mouth.. It wasn't long before I got hard again.

  • I have a fat sister in law who has been cheating on her husband with a co worker. I saw them both having lunch together at a restaurant not too far from her house. I didn't say anything to them but what I did do was go to her house that night right after her husband left for work and I told her what is seen. She was so shocked that I had busted her. So I told her I wasn't goin to say anything to her man. But I did tell her that she had to give me oral s**. She agreed to it. I sat on her couch with my pants off and she got down on her knees and opened her top, exposing her fat t*** and squeezing them. Then I guided her mouth on my d***. Her mouth was nice and warm and she made my d*** feel real good. I began to face f*** her harder and harder until I came In her mouth.

  • You must bang her in p****, that is ultimate.

  • I paid a visit to my sister in law Mayra and while the rest of my inlaws were out. The moment she opened the door to let me in, my d*** got hard. The sweet chubby girl was wearing a blue silk button shirt and a short black leather mini skirt and high heels. First thing she asked was, if i had condoms, i nodded no and she replied with, "f*** it, it doesnt matter" she grabbed my h****** and took me towards her parents room and pushed me in the bed, unzipped my pants and then she lifted up her skirt about half way, and had no panties and a shaved p****. She got on top and lowered her p**** onto my hard c*** and started riding me hard. My d*** was soo hard and her p**** was so wet. I f***** her for about 1 hour and her moaning was getting louder and louder. Wasnt long before i shot my c** inside her. She laid on top of me with my d*** still in her for a few minutes and then she got off and went down on me. She suck my d*** clean. After that we rested for a bit amd yhen mayra got up and went into her mother Carmen's dresser and pulled out a big black d****. Since my father in law is a fat f****** ice cream truck driver, i imagine his d*** is too small to please my mil. Mayra got the d**** and shoved it in her p**** and kept f****** herself as she stared into my eyes.i grabbed her and turned her around and bent her over and rammed my d*** in her ass and kept f****** her. I came on her ass this time. The next day i went back but this time my wife and daughter Athena were with me. As athena played with her grandparents(inlaws) i went to the rest room and texted my wife to come down the hall and meet me outside the rest room which was infront of my inlaws bedroom. I grabbed my wife and took her into her parents room, without anyone seeing, and i pushed her onto her parents bed just like Mayra did and i went to the dresser and got her moms d**** out again and i made my wife suck it and f*** herself with it

  • Aye so you did pmsl

  • My sister in law is old, overweight and not really very good looking. I still couldn't keep from having s** with her when she showed me her b****** and started rubbing me. Sure I regretted it afterwards but I had the chance to s**** my wife's sister and couldn't pass it up. She told me after being married for forty years she told me I was only the second man she had been with and had to know what it was like.

  • My sister in law is the only one who can deep throat my fat d***

  • Minecangetmyballsinaswell

  • I know how you feel.

    I was staying at my sister-in-laws place (she too is married) as I was working close by.

    I finished early one day and was jerking off in an armchair in my room after a shower. I didn't even think anyone was in. But she entered the room to ask if I wanted a cup of tea and I was naked jerking off. She walked back out shocked...but I figured she'd actually be watching for longer!

    Anyway after a minute or so, I threw on clothes and went off to explain. She was in the kitchen and I bashfully approach saying I was just tense and needing to relax.

    She had her back to me at the counter and jokingly said I won't tell if you don't.... I was kinda confused, until she turned around and let her robe fall open, she had removed her top and standing in just pants with her b****** partially exposed...GULP, I was getting erect again, she just stirred her cup and then plopped the spoon in her mouth.........I just went for.

    We f***** like rabbits, she cried, I cried.we agreed it was wrong. We vowed to stay silent on it and have very little contact now.

  • I f***** my sister in law Rosemary in our house while my wife was at work

  • When i was married my brother in.laws wife and i would exchange messages...just so.happened that i.met her at her job after closing one evening...we wound up f****** quite a few times after that too

  • I see nothing wrong with that. If you are pulling out in time. It's just keeping all in the same family. Sharing is the way of life even if it's between a p**** & v*****.

  • I'll admit, my sister-in-law is much hotter than my wife. Younger, and has a better ass than my wife. She has a better face than my wife. And I often find myself day dreaming about f****** the s*** out of her. And what's more alluring is that the husband that she's married to is her high school sweetheart, her first, he is the only man that she's ever known and have slept with. So she doesn't know that sexually she can get a lot better. I want to wreck her so badly and make her walk funny, like I do to my wife.

  • Havefun

  • I would bang my sil at the drop of a dime. she just want let me

  • I would bang my SIL at the drop of a dime if she would let me

  • I have f***** my sister in law about 15 times over the last 25 years. The last time was a year or so ago. I don't even remember how it all started other than she was single when I dated her sister and h**** all the time so she told me once.

    After the first time we did it again a week or so later, then one more time months later. Other than our occasional f*** I don't think she even likes me. My wife definitely thinks her sister doesn't like me and I guess that is how we pulled it off.

  • Well you are walking into a mine field with this one bud, now she has something over you and can blackmail your ass...so with that end you are at her beckon-call. On the other hand,until something comes up, wreck her c*** when you can.
    Key thing here is to give your wife the same attention as before with no deviation. in fact you may want to attempt to f*** your wife a little more than usual. If you are getting calls from the SIL to come over while your wife is home, she may see a flag raise and you will be watched. Your f****** operations must return to an Ops Normal operation. Good luck and good f******. let us know how its going.

  • Good advise

  • I do my SIL. She is kinky and I can put it in any hole I want
    After 18 years of marriage I needed a change and SIL said she did too so I banged the h*** out of her for a few months. Now we both feel better.

  • The only problem here is being called "uncle daddy" by her kids. If she doesn't have any kids - you should be with her.

  • F*** that, if she's willing to give it up go for it in the you're a man an when they throw p**** at you you just have to take before someone else does

  • f*** the s*** out of her. if your wife wont do her job than let her sister do it. just be careful not to knock her up or get caught. it's your wife's fault you have to go some where else to get laid !

  • I got caught f****** my wife's sister by my wife. Sister said I raped her which I did not. My wife has punished me by whipping my ass with a strap, refusing s** with me and calling me a rapist. Her sister laughs about it and says I was a lousy f***. I am so h**** I am climbing the walls but she has me in a c*** and ball harness so I can't even j*******. Any suggestions as what I can do? I am ready to do anything.

  • Fake fake fake

  • OMG!!!! ur such a bad man!!! wat kinda husband are u?!?!?! how can u do that to your wife.. cheating once is bad enough..but wanting MORE!! thats disgusting! its coz of people like you why families brake up and childern Always suffer..just because you couldnt keep your fuking c*** in your pants!!!
    shame on you!......B****** like you are the reason husbands stray. If your man isn't satisfied then he's going to stray. Got it fats?!

  • That would be a mpre effective arguement if you could spell BREAK sweetie

  • It WAS spelled right, just not used in the right context. #DamnHomophones

  • Fake fake and more fake

  • OMG!!!! ur such a bad man!!! wat kinda husband are u?!?!?! how can u do that to your wife.. cheating once is bad enough..but wanting MORE!! thats disgusting! its coz of people like you why families brake up and childern Always suffer..just because you couldnt keep your fuking c*** in your pants!!!
    shame on you!

  • Allicansayiskeeponfucking

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