S** with my Sister-In-Law

Last week when her husband was out of town...she called me over to help fix a leaking sink problem. The kids were with grandma she had been drinking before I got there. She was wearing pj bottom shorts and a tank top with no bra. I didnt think anything of it..started working on the problem and she was just talking and drinking when said she wish she could get laid more often, she says shes at that age where is just always h****. I told her I wish her sister had that problem. She told me IF you were my husband I would f*** you all the time... I was a bit taken back by this..i mean she is very attractive and from time to time i catch my self looking at her in a sexual way...but when she said that i instantly got a h******...since i was under the sink it was kind of hard to hide it..she laughed and said oh i am sorry did i say something... i just laughed try to play it off...she contiuned to talk about how she likes to play with herself in the morning shower before work OTHERWISE she is just to worked up durning the day she asked how often i j*** off....i admit this talk was getting me quite worked up...THEN she says GREAT really loud...i asked what happened...I am wet now thanks... i was paraylzed with fear I didnt want to move get up or anything... thats when it all came to a head....she hopped down from the counter and said...would you f*** me please...i promise not to tell anyone i just have always wondered what it would be like t have you....of course i stopped and just stared at the pipes...i could feel her hands working up my shorts...and rubbing my d*** now...she started to undo my shorts and i did nothing....she asked if i was just going to lay there...i said what can i do...she said dont move....she slid off my shorts my rock hard d*** just standing up she slid off her shorts and sat on my c***....she was so wet it went in with out any effort....her ass was facing me and she slowly rode my c***...i didnt feel any shame what so ever...for the next 2 hours we f***** all over the house, afterwards she asked if she was better then her sister... and i admiited she was...

my whole confession is i just needed to say this to get it off my chest its been eating at me..because i enjoyed it..i want more...she drives me nuts...she lets me do things to her my wife wont even think of.....

i am so f*****

Jul 8, 2010

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  • IDK but you would be right up my sister-in-law's alley or a******. She loves this kind of thing. Ask for Karla.

  • I f***** my sister inlaw up the ass whilst her husband f***** my wife in the same bed

  • You are the worst kind of man, a cheater. You also have ZERO self control evidently. I really hope someone lets you're wife know so she can dump both your a**** to the curb.

    Sorry not sorry. I don't feel sorry for either of you.

    You both should be ashamed.

  • So you fixed the household plumbing and her plumbing. good fella?

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