C*** Party

Just over a week ago I went to a mate’s party and got smashed. The party went on into the early hours of the morning and while most of the party goers left after it had finished, the host and his girlfriend and a few others retired to the bedrooms upstairs and I crashed out on the sofa in the front room. Also in the room was a mate, Vin who ended up on the rug next to the sofa, I cannot recollect there being anyone else in the front room as I drifted off to sleep in a drunken stupor.

Sometime during the night I was woken up by someone attempting to undo my trousers. I remember instinctively lifting my bottom up so that whoever it was could pull them and my pants off without struggling too much. Although it was dark I sensed that Vin was being helped by someone else in the room as I flopped around like a rag doll as they removed my clothes. Once they had stripped me naked they lifted my legs off the sofa and positioned me so that I was kneeling over the sofa with my head and chest resting on the sofa. I remember feeling my legs being pulled apart and sensed that my bare a*** and hole must be in full view and exposed to anyone behind me. I was so drunk that it didn’t bother me in the slightest and I wasn’t exactly putting up anything of a struggle.

I felt gel being spread around and inside my bum split and at the same time my b**** were being tickled gently and a hand was sliding up my shaft. I was so turned on I remember lifting my bottom and gyrating as I felt the fingers slide inside my hole. Someone climbed onto the sofa in front of me, lifted my head up and rested it in his lap. I felt his bare flesh brush against my face and became aware that he was positioning my mouth over his c***. I remember having to open my mouth wide as his c*** felt huge inside my mouth. He let out a groan as I went down on him and greedily sucked on his k***, I pulled his foreskin back to reveal his bare k*** end and caressed it with my lips before taking his c*** back into my mouth and sucking on it. Behind me, someone who I took to be Vin was teasing me by rubbing his bare c*** up and down the inside of my well oiled bum cheeks. He then held the end of his c*** directly against the entrance of my bum hole and I wanted him inside me so much I arched my bottom and pushed backwards against him forcing his k*** end inside me. I then felt the full length of his shaft push all the way up me and I gasped with pleasure as I felt his d*** fill me. Although I knew they were taking full advantage of my drunken state I was past caring as they were pleasuring me at both ends with their c****. The f****** became more and more aggressive and I had to relax my bum muscles to accommodate the full length of his c*** as it slid up and down inside me, penetrating me right up the hole. Each time his c*** penetrated me right up the a*** he was pushing my mouth further down onto the shaft of the d*** I was sucking causing me to gag a little as it went down my throat.

The last few minutes became uncontrollable as the person on the sofa grabbed my head and started to f*** me in the mouth and throat whilst Vin was now banging me so hard from behind it was making a slapping noise, he then grabbed my thighs and shoved his c*** right up me as far as it would go and held it there, I felt it throbbing and I squeezed my buttocks trapping it right up me. He groaned and I felt him shudder followed by a warm sensation as he came inside me, at the same time the guy on the sofa slowed down and I sensed that he was about to c**. I tried to pull his c*** out of my mouth to avoid taking his s**** inside my throat but as I went to withdraw he held my head down firmly over his c***, a few slow hard thrusts later I felt the spurt of hot c** in my mouth and throat as he shot his load in my mouth. He held me down until I had swallowed all of his s**** and once he finished pumping me full of his sperm, he made me suck the last drops of s**** on his bare k*** end. I remember feeling rather giddy and resting my face in the groin of the person I had just sucked off but after this I must have drifted off asleep.

The next morning I woke from my drunken slumber to find that I was alone in the room and naked from the waste down, my trousers and pants etc had been flung across the other side of the room. As I went to retrieve them Ruth from upstairs entered the room and I tried to cover my modesty the best I could. She asked what I had been up to during the night and who with. I just apologised and said I could not remember due to my drunken state. She smiled and said well I better fill you in because when I popped down last night I got quite a shock, I never knew that you that “you were that way inclined”. I felt myself blush as I rather pathetically asked what she meant. Come on she said you know what they were doing to you, does the term “spit roast” mean anything to you. I told her it must have been the drink that had led to the night’s frolics and asked her if she would keep it quiet and thankfully she agreed that it would be “our little secret”. As she left the room she turned around, smiled and said “by the way, nice a***”.

Vin and I have since met up but neither of us has mentioned what happened the other night although there is a bit of an awkward embarrassment. The thing is I cannot stop thinking about wanting him to shove his c*** up me again and also it would be nice to know who the other person was involved that night and did he end up f****** me as well. This was not my first experience of c*** as I have another friend Ray, who has showed me the delights of having a c*** up my a***. But I want Vin to s**** me again, I loved the way he f***** me and the way he gave me a real seeing to. The next time I want to see the look on his face as he c**’s inside me. I also want to meet up with the mystery person as he had one h*** of a c*** and I wouldn’t mind having another crack at him. I feel so frustrated at the moment at my lack of nerve.

What’s the best way of approaching the subject with him?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Nothing new here, just 3 guys pretending they are not gay, that is until they pretend they are drunk.

  • I was waiting for the twist at the end. Something like "So, what am I suppose to do? Should I wash my jeans in the colours, or in the darks?"

  • ^ Agreed.
    No straight guy is gonna read hardcore homosexual p*** and get excited over it.

    OP, go get some leather chaps and hang out in gay bars where you belong.

  • That made me hard just reading it and I'm a straight guy. Any dude who has read the full post and swears that it doesn't turn them on, at least a little, is very insecure with their sexuality and probably has deep rooted fears of homosexuality that they suppress to try to appear more manly in front of all of their manly friends. All I can say is that this post is a fine example of well written erotica. Thank you.

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