Money Love S**

I'll be 35 this year. He's 41. We lived together for about a year and a half. Because of our past; mine of cheating and his of being cheated, as much as I loved him, it didn't work out.
LOVE AND S**. After we parted way for more than a year, we got back together through hot and heavy phone s** and email s**, even though I'm with someone else, and so is he. Before you comment, please know that there are details that I cannot give without giving away our identities, should this post be read by any party involved. I'm sure some of you would say cheaters always cheat; maybe. But what about him?
Of the whole year, we only met up about 3 times. The s** is incredible even over the phone. Even better when we met up b/c it was more intimate. Many times, I pulled over to the side of the road, I'd touch myself as he was telling me what he would do to me. When I couldn't stand it any longer, I'd find something round, lay it on the driver's seat, turn around and rubbed my p**** against it. He'd encourage me by sayng, c** for me baby c** for me. When I c**, I moaned loudly because it's always so good. He would thank me each time for giving him the satisfaction of hearing me c******. Other times, I'd make videos of myself and send it to him. He'd use the short 15-sec videos and touched himself until he c***. Most of the times though, he just wanted to hear my moaning as I rubbed myself against a toy and my cry when I c**.
I went to surprise him at his work yesterday and on the hour-long drive there, just the thought of him touching me made that place between my legs felt tight. I think it even got wet.
Our love for each other is strong, and it's shown in our words for each other and how we treat each other when we're not in the middle of hot and heavy s**. There's more non-sexual talk than sexual.
Before last night, I stopped communicating with him for about 2 weeks; and there wasn't any phone s** or email s** for a month or more before that.
What do you think he did when he saw me last night? Ripped my clothes off? He just held me in his arms for the longest time; not wanting to let go. We just kissed. He held me for so long that I wondered if I was going to be "ravaged" like I needed.
He started to when he heard me moaned against his neck. He rubbed the sides of my thighs then my bottoms. Then he took one of my b****** and started to sucking the nipple. Then he caressed both. Then brought them together just to look at them. Mind you, I'm only a 36AB. Then he started to moan.
He undressed both of us then asked me to touch him. His shaft was all wet when I touched it. This gave me a sense of satisfaction; that I can make him c** so much by just letting him touch me. I leaned back as much as I can so he can see me better, and he moaned, and said how beautiful I looked.
He turned me around then rubbed himself against me while he's caressing my front side. Then he touches my p****. He moaned when he felt how wet I was. We kept that position for a while.
He sat down and I straddled him. We kissed. Then he grabbed my bottom and started rubbing me against him. We both know that I can c** that way and that he enjoys making me c** that way. If it was simply s** it wouldn't have felt that good, but because it was s** with him it was mind-blowing incredible. I would had been satisfied just being rubbed against him. He then laid me down and entered me. I enjoyed watching him entering me. It wasn't the physical feeling that was good because he was having trouble with getting fully erected but it felt incredibly good just knowing that it was him entering me; him and not someone else. Once he's inside me, he's still not fully erected but again it just feels so good. It took but about fifteen strokes before he c**; yet not fully erected. Yet, I c** when he did. All the while, I forced myself to remember as much as I can how he looked on top of me as he's pounding me as hard as he can.
He sat back down and I rested on his chest. It felt like only he and I existed and the world is right again.
Last night was not even the full sessions like when we used to live together; it was 10 times better.
Counting him, there are 4 candidates that I could have s** with. Only 1 of them didn't f*** me before. It's been 3 weeks since I got f***** and caressed, and before last night, whenever I was feeling h****, I thought about who I would want to satisfy me, and who could satisfy me. I imagined myself standing naked in front of each one and I imagined whose hands I would want on my body. It was him. So whenever I feel h****, I played a short p*** video and rub myself against my toy, imagining that I was rubbing against him.

The funny thing is the reason that I went to see him was that I wanted to say goodbye in person. It didn't feel right to say goodbye over the phone. I recited in my mind what I wanted to say as I was driving. Three quarters of the way, my mind switched from reciting the goodbye to wanting him, and my body began to ache for his touches, and that was all I could think about.
Is it s**? No, the others have better, and working, equipment than he does. Is it because he's better looking? No, they are all handsome. Is he a better person? No, others would give the shirts of their backs if they don't need them for someone else they're caring for. Why him? Except for what he's been with me, everything else he's done in his life has been for others. He was the nice guy that finished last. So why aren't I with him?
MONEY. He's in debt over his head. If it was just me then it wouldn't be a problem but because I have a child who depends on me to take good care of him. My child and I can live comfortably with my income but if we all live together than my child would have to miss out the many things such as guaranteed good (not fancy) meals 3 times a day that my paycheck can provide, because my money would be spent on "rescuing" my love; that's what I did when we lived together.
As much as I love him and as incredible as our s** can be, I can't neglect my child for him.
He's not a loser because he works 2 jobs and makes his child supports regularly and pays for whatever else his children need even when he's strapping for cash. This is one of the reasons that I love him. He didn't run away from responsibility.

To each other, we wished time and time again that we each would have someone in our life who love us and take care of us because we both believe that the other deserves no less.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Both of you are weak as water !

  • All of that just for her to say she's a gold digger?
    Now I'm glad I didn't bother.

  • she loves him s** is great he is broke that is why they are not togather

  • If someone happens to make it through the majority of this, can you sum it up in the comments section.

  • WAAAAAAAAY too f****** long!
    Didn't read a word of it.

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