F****** sick of this bullshit

This website is supposed to be for people to post REAL confessions. But whenever I try to post a confession about all my REAL problems, people ignore me because it always gets buried under all these s*** unfunny psuedoconfessions.

And if I see ONE MORE Christopher Walken confession, I'm going to kill myself, and you'll all have to live with that guilt. A*******.

I'm contacting Confessionpost tonight and filing a f****** complaint.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^Thanks, The Riddler. Good luck with catching Batman.

  • By telling us we'll have to live with the guilt, you are ignorantly assuming we would actually feel any remorse over your impending death.

    Sorry, we here at CP like to keep it cool and unemotional. Proceed with the taking of your own life.

  • ^The Walken "trollers" are perfectly capable of trolling normally. They choose not to, because Walken is infinitely more interesting than fake sibling romance and imagined sexual assault on various sleeping females. Also we love him. Or in my case, love the posters of Walken.

  • ^^Now I didn't insult your intelligence, merely your level of trolling. In fact it was a backhanded compliment, that you overcame your lack of trollness, by using the Walken troll technique.

  • I like to think that Walken is the intellectual's troll of choice. It takes a higher form of intelligence to appreciate those limpid pools of blue luxury...(His eyes, in case you hadn't picked up on that).

  • No one cares.

    Look, if you've been on this site at all, you know its just mostly trolling, the same kind of trolling you're doing with the kill yourself comment.

    You suck as a troll, but then so do some of the others. The Walken lovers picked a theme, and they are running it into the ground, because thats how they troll. They suck at trolling normally, so they decided to annoy people by being redundant. Its working for them though.

    So please, just troll in the normal fashion of trolling, this was lame.

  • hey op, you want these posters to validate you. that's messed up. i hope you don't talk about eating disorders or cutting *yawn* i don't think anyone reads those anymore.

  • I can't speak for anyone else, but my Christopher Walken posts are sincere. I truly love the man. Sorry to hear that you feel your confessions are somehow more legitimate than the rest of ours, but they will post anything submitted on here. The fact that your previous posts have been ignored should tell you something.

  • File away. Like they give a s***. I love when people get huffy like they think the world knows who they are or even cares they exist.

  • S***, I just posted about Walken. Please don't hurt me.

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