What's the big deal

About a***? My friends and I refer to it as the pooper. As in, "Not in the pooper." I can understand the motivation for homosexual relationships, but technically, the whole thing is like taking a huge reverse s***. And I wouldn't want MY genitals covered in the contents of someone else's ass. But maybe that turns you on. This isn't really a confession. It's more like a rant. Oh well.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I agree :) A**** are for s******* out of,not sticking a d*** in it!!! S*** ON A MAN'S D***,IS GROSS AND A TURN OFF! BUT SOME WEIRDOS,LIKE THAT!!

  • ^Whoa.. DP in the ass at once? I have never been in a threesome where its a DP but in each hole. Twice with DP in the vag.

  • Female POV: If I'm clean, he doesn't mind. And if we're lubed, I think it's pleasant. Small d*** up the butt is relaxing, and a larger one can make your whole body tense up and relax like a massage. DPs are exciting as h***.

  • ^ Probably for the same reason we call them "tight-ass".

  • OP here. I'd actually be quite interested in finding the opinion of say, a girl who likes a*** s**. Do they actually exist? Outside of male fantasy p***, I mean.

  • You can practice decent hygiene until your ass is sparkling like Billy Mayes himself came down and oxy-cleaned your s***. But no matter what you do, that will always be the way that s*** leaves your body. So it's f****** dirty. And if you've ever stuck your d*** in someone's ass without a condom, your d*** had s*** on it. Whether you could see it or not.

  • It's only enticing because it's forbidden. That, and it's soooo tight!

  • Besides that, it is dangerous.

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