As promised. I actually hate my cat. He watches me change and stands on my tummy when I attempt to sleep. Oh, and miaows loudly in my ear at about 6 in the morning whilst trampling on my hair.

In other confessional news, I HAVE purchased new panties. I'm wearing them, but not exclusively. There is nothing masturbation worthy in this confession. I'm just wasting your time talking about cats. (Unless you get off on that. Cats are pretty cool, but not THAT cool. Also they leave grit everywhere.)

My hatred of my cat is verging on the extreme at this point in time. He just threw up on my carpet. I liked that carpet.

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  • You guys are cracking me up. Ha!

  • You sound like a compete whack job. Totally and hopelessly insane, requiring shock treatments and padded cells.
    Then, two well muscled black dudes will proceed to ball gag and gang rape you all night long.

  • Hey! I'm not your pal, bud

  • I am not your bud, pal.

  • ^Great use OF language there, bud.

  • ^ great use if sarcasm there, bud

  • How about I cut through the sarcasm and say you are all idiots.

  • ^^ There's nothing meaningless about my cat. He's very deep. Your sarcasm is so, so sexy. So very sexy. (Look, I can do it too! Isn't it fun?)

  • As a guy, I have to say that I find you very appealing! Your posts are very masturbation worthy. I don't get off on the posts about s** because they are obviously fake. You on the other hand are completely real. Nothing turns me on more than reality! Most guys pretend to hate the pointless ramblings of a female, but in all actuality, we love it! We need your meaningless, mundane stories in our life! It's what keeps us going! If you start talking about shopping, you will win over my heart in a second! Please prattle on!

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