Great hot s** that ended with a stupid vart boyfriend and I have done the forbidden fruit position before, but last night he did 6 out of 11 of c********** s** positions one after the other. The "forbidden fruit" position is his favorite, he would suck, finger, massage my vage with my own wetness and grab my ass and move it back and forth motion using his tongue as it was a p****. I think we were still in the forbidden fruit position for about 30 mins.

The problem was vage decided to make a fart noise...first it did a very small sound, then 5 mins after it did it again and this time was a bit louder, this f*cking noise happened like 5 times. He was sleeping during this horrid mishap When we were putting our clothes back on, the only thing he said was "you farted..." in a very low-teasing way, I said no I didn't. Still to me it was a huge turn off and duh, I was embarrassed and awkward. So i had to know WTF that was, because I didn't fart, I felt like bubbles coming out of my vage.

Turns out that air, goes into your vage when youre in a position where your butt is lifted and when it comes out it makes a stupid fart noise. I know its normal, I shouldn't worry about it and he probably doesn't care, but still its embarrassing, I think its a mood killer. It happened last night, and I still have that event in my mind, I really, really hope he doesnt mention it or tease me about it again because it is embarrassing! I really hope he just have in his mind all the great stuff we did and forget the whole vart event.

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  • Yeh that happened to me one day in yoga without s** and I felt embarrassed lucky it was a small group but moving in position just made the air come out and I do get bubbles of air in the v***** and urethra during pee or any time. its just body changes, why worry

  • hey, at least you don't have oral gonorrhea ! :)

  • Queef: Vaginal flatulence (flatus vaginalis in Latin) is an emission or expulsion of air from the v***** that may occur during or after sexual intercourse or (less often) during other sexual acts, stretching or exercise. The sound is somewhat comparable to flatulence from the a*** but does not involve waste gases and thus often has no specific odor associated.

    It happens. Don't worry about it There are worse things that can happen.

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