For five years I faked every o***** I had with you. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't o*****, but now I know it's because I'm actually a lesbian, and I don't really like men.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • For 20 years I had the most boring s** with my wife. She would lie there naked on her back legs apart, arms by her side. During that time, I was allowed to touch her b******, kiss her on the mouth, finger her and f*** her. She just lay there still. Any other time, no touching of b******. She even slept with a bra on. No touching her legs and no tongue in mouth just a peck on the lips was as close as she would allow.

    Then she moved out saying it was all too stressful.

    Since then she has had at least two girl-girl dates that I am aware of.

    What s**** me off is that she could have told me say 15 years earlier that she did not like me. I p***** off with myself for putting up with the cold distant rule driven existence and not dumping her. I still love her until I think about it and then I am glad we separated.

  • 15 minutes? Damn, that's a long time. My ex lasted about three minutes.

  • I used to fake with my ex, because he thought he was some damn s** expert, and all he ever did for me was cause me to have to work my ass off to keep from yawning for 15 minutes every few days. Thank Jebus for my vibrator. Oh, and my ex, who I shagged silly on the way home from dumping the 15-minuter for cheating on my with a fat girl. :)

  • I wasn't molested. It IS possible for women to like other women, and not to have any interest in obnoxious men like you.

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