If she only knew

that I would die for her.

I guess she will find out soon enough.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Holy s***, someone who needs a b****** ever more than I do.

    Didn't think that was possible

  • Why not want to live for someone instead of wanting to die for them? God did all the dying for us we need- start living for yourself and others now.

  • As the story goes, that particular God sent his son to do the dying for him. And hey, didn't that make human civilization SO much better!! 2000 years of being told how to live right sure has made a difference, hasn't it? Modern life is sweet and fun for all, isn't it? Ohhhh, riiiiight--- something something Satan. Cute neat little answer for everything-- cute neat little answers that don't stand up to reality very well, but cute neat little answers nonetheless.

  • Dumbass, she won't care, all it will do is raise her popularity. She'll act like what you did was all her fault, play it up, go to some therapy sessions, and come out more popular than she was before, she may even speak about it in school.

    Live, ten years from now you'll be living your life with some other girl, she'll be living her life with some guy, and neither one of you will give a f*** about each other.

    When all of you young s**** get out of high school and college you'll probably never see about ninety percent of the people you went to school with again.

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