More Of It \\

Sea, full of alligators
me, been acting strange
dogs, in the elevators
fogs, the mountain range

brains and trains and creatures and teachers
blend them together and what do you get...

roots, feed the soul
suits, steal the soul
toots, from the horn
fruits, from the horn

baddy daddy maddy zaddy
sokey mokey wokey lokey
yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for hammers

demon newspaper lanterns and cauliflower

wind chimes

what did you think?

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  • ^OP wrote that

  • Wow, this a new development. Now, not only does the poet guy write comments on his own posts, but he has taken it a step further and started copy-catting his posts and commenting on those too! This dude is clearly deranged.

    -The Poet

  • ^You mean like showing everyone how to constantly compliment yourself?

  • I knew this wasn't the real poet as soon as I started reading it. There is something missing. Show everyone how it's really done Poet!!!!

  • ^Poet, isn't that the same thing the Dog say cat guy says? Didn't you start writing your own drivel, just because dog say cat hurt your feelings?

  • i am hurt and offended. i would never write garbage like this. this is just babble and nonsense. my poems have meaning. you just have to disect very very thoroughly. i would never write something this useless. i will spit on your grave if you mock me with this trash again.\n\n-The Poet

  • I think you sucked less at Dog say cat.

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