almost lost my job because of p***

So there's this girl on the net I was talking to and long story short I wanted to send her a picture of my p**** to see her reaction. Not for anything other than my own jollies from a random Internet chick.

But I'm at work and even so, I'd probably never really send a picture of my p**** to someone, so I did a google image search for 'huge p****'...I wanted her to be like...Holy S***! when she saw it.

Google image filter was on so I wasn't getting anything useful. So I turned the filter off and resumed the search. Then my office filter started blocking most of the pictures...

Long story short, I got an e-mail from the IS guy regarding my 'questionable searching' saying that the IS department was getting spammed by my blocked picture requests, including links to the pics such as 'big c****', 'make your c*** big' 'h**** male' etc... Apparently, every google image page with the dozen or so blocked images showed up as me attempting to surf for some pictures of c****. He said it was a fire-able offense and to stop it now.

I just know the guys in the IS department now think I'm some flaming pervert.

As for the girl...she wanted me to take another picture like that but have my c*** resting on a picture of her face...didn't expect that reaction...kinky freak

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  • Several years ago now..I had a similar issue. All in fun, but, hot, blonde, and way-desirable business friend owned a temp. employment service. She and i were very good friends, and flirted a lot. Because of her back-length, gorgeous blonde hair, I often called her "Goldilocks"; Due to her British background, I was usually "Luv". We'd get into it during the workday, mostly messages or emails, but, sometimes photos did make their way in.

    One week, we were apparently in an extra flirty, sexual mood, and things got very hot. She sent me a photo of her long hair, barely covering her t*** as she held her shirt down, flashing her long, pink nails. I responded with a muscle-type shot, resulting in her suggestions for others we can do for each other. We traded maybe 5 shots, and dozens of emails during the week, I had her tiny bikini shots saved to a private folder, and kept most of the emails.

    Friday morning, I'm working and pretty focused, when the manager called me in as I passed his office. Asked me about my net usage, and private emails (he was a very conservative type guy..didn't like addressing anything of that nature). Told me clear my email folder and anything not work-related, or, he'd have to call the district GM in to talk to me himself.

    The pain in the ass secretary, whom I hated, picked up on all of it and knew, at the very least, of "Goldilocks", so mentioned it constantly. I did delete the emails, but, the photo folder with my hot friend in various bikini poses remained. They never knew about it.

    GM did come up for his usual visit and tearing apart of everything we do, day to day, and only braised the subject with me, actually during lunch. All he said was "Glad we got that email thing taken care of".

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