Tapped some fine ass and still h**** as f***

DAY-YUM, I just tapped the finest-ass ass last night! F*** YEAH! MMM! How's THAT for a confession, m**********?! I bet y'all haven't tapped some ass in some time now, amirite? You just sit there like retards in front of your computer screen, jackin off your microdicks and shedding tears all over yer disgusting man t***! Meanwhile I'm cummin' DEEP inside some FINE, SEXY ASS at some party, drunk off my own f***** ass! Now that's the life! Did you score some fine ass last night? Didn't think so! Faggots!

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  • ^ Just referring to his boasts of past female (maybe) conquests. Also, taping a ass isn't always literal.

  • ^How the h*** do you father a child through a*** s**? Otherwise, I agree with your comment lol

  • Starting with the first line, the phonetic -damn- shows shock and dismay that he got any.

    As this is a confession board, and not a boast board, the OP seems to show regret for his actions but hides behind a facade of hyper-masculinity while trying to insult stereotypical body features of the commentators. Such actions are typical with people with insecurity about their body image. Its not that he has the exact issues that mirror the insults, but in general the guy is a total a****** douchebag.

    You had beer-goggles on. Sorry bud. But keep the faith! Someone as awesome as you could never father a child, or catch a STD, eh?

  • OP is actually a skinny, white zeta male who has never partied before, let alone even kissed a girl.

  • Are you in any way related to the previous confessor?

  • hand=fine ass^^^

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