I love getting my wife off and luckily she is the same as me. She will do anything to see me squirm with pleasure. After we were together a couple of years I started involving friends. I'd convince her to give a buddy of mine a handjob or a b******. Three times we had brought different girls into our bed and my wife hadn't any luck getting them off. She asked me to and I was happy to oblige. I like mostly to watch her get guys off. To see her mouth wrapped around them and hear them moaning is a rush I can't describe. While they are in experiencing the pleasure given by my wifes mouth I like to tell them "This is what I have to deal with everyday". They normally say "You're a lucky b******. But I've never had a friend let their wife do this for me. I'm completely straight, and have never been attracted to a male, but lately I've been thinking about being the one giving that pleasure. I love women and the female body only. But I love to see people feel good. I wonder if that makes me bi even though I'm not attracted to males.


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  • To the OP,when you post crap like that what exactly do you expect?

    You and your wife are disgusting AND pathetic There is a STD coming soon to both of you!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Keep your Christian ever ethics to youself

  • Sounds good to me :) I would love to see my husband do this and for me to join in! Enjoy yourself!

  • I made a confession! I have your responses. I've no problem with a challenge. If any of you feel up to it we can meet and see who is more of a man.......Trust me, I have no problem with that. But then comments like these are easy behind a computer. F*** WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!You small p**** no getting laid mother f******!!!!

  • You looked at the d***, and it turned you on. Simple math here.

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