Still bothers me....

Im in my senior year and I have an incident in my freshman year that still bothers me.

Right before school started (note I had never done a sport) I was excited when I was offered to join the football team. I willingly accepted and within the coming weeks I found it wasn't for me.

I cried every night because of plays I f***** up during practice. I didn't think about anything else accept the coming practice. (not in the good way) I was always jittery, and nervous to the point of almost throwing up. So much so I almost always got to the brink of crying in practice.

Than once I actually quit, I felt as if I had let everybody on the team down and that's all they talked about. (which wasn't true)

To this day, even though I work out and keep in the best looking condition possible. I feel as this is the reason I only have 2 or 3 close friends and I don't have a girlfriend

I dont know how the h*** this will help, but maybe telling it like it is will get some relief off

Jul 8, 2010

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  • sounds like they were winding you up. very mean. letting the team down after not being a lousy player...think about it. seems like you need to spend more time with people out of your comfort zone, probably scary for you, but the only way you'll learn how to cope properly is to do that.

  • You should have ran around the locker room jerking off on all your team mates. The would have named you mvp.

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