I suck at being me

I'm smart, pretty, have a great figure if i could only lose the 30 pounds I gained having my children. My kids live with their dad and I see them on weekends and whenever their dad can drop them off. I have a mental illness. The kids were never harmed in any way, thank god. Even if I did think they were demons for a short postpartum episode. My son adores me, my girl is rebelling which is no picnic. The mental illness has been almost nonexistent for a few years now, my meds do the job. I'm not depressed but I just stay in the house most of the time. I have no desire to go out because I plain and simple don't like very many people. I have a few friends that I adore but life has spread us out geographically. Please don't judge the order I put my experiences in. They say people are what make life great. I'd love to like people but just have no use for most. Am I too critical? Definitely. I'm no longer sick but came out of the illness with a clearer picture of who I am. I was never the girl who wanted to fit in. I was the one who'd be disgusted if I did. The strange pretty girl. Not much hope for me I guess. Too bad so sad.

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  • jill, i have a cat, never checked for endowment, but you stay away from my house!!! pig f***** may be able to help you out.

  • Don't involve the kids, that's not cool. Do you have any well endowed pets?? That's what I do.
    Jakes sister Jill

  • yeah, child abuse is hilarious. what else did your /b/rothers do to you?

  • Deffinetly molest the children teach the both how to suck d*** so when they become crack heads in a few years they can provide for themselves

  • Which jake? There is me from the future and from the past. I am more hung the future jake.

    -jake from the past

  • gratuitous and unfunny jake

  • Listen to me carfully. Since you have mental issuies its the perfect excuse to molest the kids when there dad drops them off. Just do it get them to toy with you p****.

    Jake fromt the past

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