Black vs. white s**

I discovered the joy of extended hd surround sound s** a few years ago. That is the first time I f***** a black guy. Before I dated black guys it seems all the white guys would only last a few minutes at s**. The black guys I have been with are way more skilled. They like foreplay and eating my p**** for long periods of time. They are more complimentary and in tune with the female. I dated jock type guys who were fast and self serving,I dated foreign guys some like to eat p**** but many did not. Nerds who only really know how to j*******, The only white guys who know how to f*** are broke but good looking and that is out for me. I want only black c*** from now on!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • The only problem with black c*** is HIV and AIDS.
    Far more prevalent in the black community.
    Plus, white girls who f*** around with black guys for any length of time usually wind up dead.
    Can you say O.J. Simpson??

  • ^^ Trolled by a non-troll who is just commentating.

    Best of luck, again!

  • funny cause i think black women are horrible in bed all mine did was b**** and shake when i was f****** her she complained my 10 inch p**** was too big and that i needed to go slower.

  • ^The OP wrote this, wow OP you suck at getting attention.

  • Enjoy whatever you want! There is nothing wrong with what you are doing, other than using wide general terms for personalities and differences between people. You just had a string of lovers which didn't please you. While other people will approach this from the other way, making discoveries in reverse. Its the idea that stereotypes will always conform to what you think they will is the one that will defeat you.

    Best of luck!

  • I hate N******, spics,jews and the gays.


  • I can't belive it. Someone actually took my advice. Is he a gaint N*****? that's right I said n*****. Did you do a ton of coke and let him penatrate your stinky home with his jungle bunny f*** stick? Tell me you did. Please tell me you did.

  • Obvious Troll, it looks like the man hating troller is trying a new tactic.

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