I want to watch my wife f*** a black guy.

My wife and I have not been with anyone else since before we were together. I really don't know how to apporach the subject with her and I am 98% sure she wouldn't go for it. And i mean either of us being with anyone else, let alone it being her, and with a black guy, while I watch. In addition, we've been trying for another baby so she's not on the pill. This turns me on even more.

If I could somehow talk her into it, and she'd let me be there, what I would love to do is be very close, even on the bed beside them, then when he pulls out of her for a minute and distracts her with kisses, I would quickly remove his condom without her knowing. Then I'd watch as he f***** her hard and filled her ovulating v***** with his potent black seed.

That's my fantasy, now how can I talk her into it?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Let me come over

  • I have become impotent since prostate surgery and want my wife to experience some sexual pleasure. She has only ever been with one other man besides me that I know of but I feel like she deserves it.

  • I want to be the black guy

  • Dude same tho

  • I will like you to grap my b**** wile i f*** hard your wife so you can feel when my potent seed come out, or if you want you can suck it too.

  • I have a small c*** and tend to c** quickly so my wife would get very frustrated. The solution presented itself when a friend with a big d*** seduced her one evening during a party. She was not on birth control because we wanted kids so she was worried until her period started. We talked and had him over again but warned him not to c** inside her. I sucked c*** before so offered to swallow his load when he was ready to c**. I got under her while he f***** her doggie style so when he was ready to c** he simply pulled out of her p**** and would c** in my mouth. It worked out well, she gets her d*** fix and I get to suck and swallow. We talked about accidental pregnancy so we stuck to white guys but I eventually talked her into f****** a black guy. I got under her to lick her c*** while he f***** her doggie style and to finish him off when he was ready to c**. He was very well hung and I had never seen her c** so hard with anyone. I could not believe she was telling him to c** inside her but was excited that she was going to take another man's c** inside her unprotected p****, especially a black guy! He started c****** and his c** was leaking out of her p**** from around his c***. I could feel his c*** twitching and pumping c** into her married p****. She was excited that she had taken his c** and did not let me f*** her after. She wanted to wait until after her period started in case she was pregnant so she would know who the father was. She missed her period and we were both very excited about it. Unfortunately, her period came the next time her cycle was due.

  • Sorry Word

  • I have a small c*** and somewhat a sissy that likes wearing panties. I would have been glad to let a well hung black bull impregnate her

  • I wish that was me

  • I fantasize about watching a handsome black man take my wife while were in an elevator and push me away and pull her into his powerful arms, kissing her sweet lips feeling her up and down, then ripping her clothes off and having her first on her knees sucking his huge d***. Then pulling her skirt up and getting him some good p**** from behind.

  • My husband loves me f****** black men, I'm 60 yes old so not going to get pregnant. I'm fat with huge t*** (44gg) I love being a fat S*** getting f*** and coming home with a c*** full of s****

  • We have two children that are fully grown and gone. I would have let her have s** with a black man years ago especially when she was not on the pill and ovulating. If a baby had resulted I would have been fine with it.

  • I keep trying to talk my wife into getting pregnant by blacks but so far she just loves f****** them

  • I envy your hubby.

  • I would love to fill you with my black c**

  • F u black how bout c****** over and F*** my wife she loves black C*** an l love watching a big thick very hard f****** my SWEET TIGHTPINK CLEAN PUSDYED WIFE. WE BOTH LOVE IT SHE GETS TO BE A VERY GOOD S*** FOR ME

  • My kind of woman and wife, so good when you do what you all love, all adult pure pleasure,

  • I know that

  • Why does it have to be black guys

  • I don't blame you I love that to

  • Why do you want your wife to s**** another man,,,,

  • I let my wife f*** my best mate who was black and she could not get enough of his eight c*** black c*** but it also meant i got to f*** his wife who was also black and her c*** was so tight i really f***** her and filled her with all my white man's s****. and it turned out to be out of this world with my c*** buried all the way up a black c***, my wife got a belly full black man's s**** and i filled his wife c*** full of white man's s**** and nine months later they both had halt- caste babies. We are still f*** each other wife every other month,and both girl love it.

  • Cause there is nothing hotter than your wife enjoying other men as you watch or listen from other room, good for her and him and best for me as her husband.

  • I would love to f*** your wife while you watch

  • Hey, dont you know we cucks get our pleasure watching our wife getting f***** by other men.

  • You can come F*** my wife all u want how bout all weekend an make her your very osn w**** S***. please.can travel will play an py

  • Hey there

  • i would love to get f***** by a black man and get pregant sounds good to me.

  • I would love to have you as my wife , I want my wife to open up to a black man giving her his thick bbc and fill her up so good

  • My wife has been knocked up 5 different times from several men but we only have 2 kids to prove it.

  • I would love to be the black man f****** you

  • We have had black guy and we have kid from such.

  • Ours so far have been white like us.

  • Have you ever f????? A black guy

  • My wife has had 3 black men many times each.

  • Free speach! That's my consideration. You sorry F******* white trash, why not let your wife go and find a real white man and let the n***** f*** you!! You monkey lover. It's white s**** like you that will end up in h*** with a 4'foot n***** d*** up your assssss!!!You are a disgrace to the white race.

  • I share this same fantasy. I had a VERY promiscuous ex, she started out taking provocative photos of herself before I met her (like most girls), I realized she had a LOT of potential, I mean she already looked like a pornstar, so then with my sly silver-tongue, and our already kinky s**, I got her to take naughtier pictures (high heels, lingerie, riskier poses, toys, et cetera), so one day I was going to buy her a realistic d**** and I asked her if she wanted black or white skin tone, naturally never being with a black man she said 'white', so I rubbed my chin and said "Hmmm, wait, I want you to watch this video...I don't know why but I find it hot as F***!", it was an interracial video, and while it was playing her mouth hung open, she was into it, halfway through she said "Oh my god....it's so hot....it seems so wrong, and that's why it's even hotter...", and I smiled and asked her if she would rather me get her the big black d****, and she bit her lip and said 'yes' fervently. When I brought it back to her, she had gotten dolled up and pulled me into the room, busted out the camera and said "I want you to take naughty pictures of me using this....", apparently while I was out, she had watched more videos and found herself enthralled with the idea of seeing her little white body be stretched open by a big veiny black c***... needless to say, those pictures I took were the most raciest, erotic photos I've ever seen in my LIFE... my girlfriend now is f****** HOT, I mean WAY hotter, she has tattoos even, and LOVES dressing slutty when we go out, yet doesn't have a s*** bone in her body, which is sad, because I personally think she'd look SOOOooo good riding a huge black man, oh well, hopefully someday :)

  • I am a nice black guy in my late 40s.I would love to f*** a white woman,married or not,and get her pregnant.I have tried to knock one up over the years but never been lucky.I am not sure why but,it has been easier to get a black woman pregnant than many white women.I will be so delighted to have a bi-racial child.

  • My wife wants a black baby. She has had 3 black men but no luck. I get aroused thinking about what our friends will think of me knowing my wife got knocked up by a black man.

  • My wife had 3 black guys and we have daughter to prove it, dont know which c*** did it but it was all good.

  • With all the people on these sites and all the videos out there where the wife is getting pregnant by black men you would think there would be 1,000's and 1,000's of mixed babies but your almost never see white couples with mixed children. I know I would sure love to see more of that

  • This is a great and exciting

  • I would love to watch my wife get f***** by a big c***. I want a black man to sleep with my wife while I watch . This excites me, I love it. My wife 's shy and reluctant but I hope and like watch my wife get f***** by big black c***. She has never been with a black man and I want to watch his thick c*** go deep inside her white p**** and I should your c** deep in her p**** .

  • When and we're I will do it

  • I love see my little wife get f***, b better if it was a big black one, been married 2 her for 29 years now, she still look & act 35y/o, she has never said no 2 me, we watch a lot of video on net, lot of black 2,one day we was watch a black man f*** this little blonde, this blonde look like she was have a hard time deal with his size, she push off him, but just came back for more, but it look like he was just half way in her, this video had sound, this blonde was moan, holler, scream & beg for it, my little wife surprise the h*** out of me, she said baby I want that d***, I said u do, she answer back a house full of them, at that time I thank she f*** him, sure I start push this more,& I know she can get pregnant, she not on no pill r anything like that, but I still want 2 see her take 12"--15"

  • Oh, yes, this is so hot. I want to be cuckold and kept h**** begging for relief. I need to be humiliated and degraded.

  • You will love it. I have watched my white wife having bareback intercourse with black men, for more than 15 years now. My wife's, white p****, has been filled with so much sperm, from black men's penises!!!

  • You sick white trash f*** faced american n***** lovers for yourseake me sick. The truth is you want for yourself that n***** d***.

  • I have a small c*** and would love to watch my wife get f***** by a big c***. I want a black man to sleep with my wife while I watch

  • I know what is like to have a small c***. I am only 2 inches soft and 4 inches hard. My wife has had at least 20 men and tells me how useless I am. I love watching her get what she needs.

  • My gf went black n I eventually got to watch them. She was too sore for me that night so we f***** the following night about 6 weeks later she found out she was pregnant n we weren't sure if it was mine thankfully it was as would have been a lot of explaining to our family.

  • You have no shame,and guys like you should have NIGGERDICK for a name!

  • You sound like you would love to do this but are scared to try, so you criticize us. Sad.

  • I had that same fantasy. t first my wife said no way! Then it became a favorite fantasy. then it became a reality. then she left me (and our three children) for the black dude. Now she begs for me to take her back. My advice: be careful what you ask for.

  • Watching another man f*** your wife is hot as h***, black or not. Most want to have their wives f*** a black d***, but a lot of women who would f*** another man for hubby's pleasure won't do it with a black. There are even a lot of hookers who won't f*** a black man. For all you who are into this idea, the mental aberration you have is called candaulism. Look it up.

  • There are many videos on free p*** sites of amateur white wives having s** with black men. A friend of mine works at a certain resort in the Caribbean where he has pocketed quite a bit of money from white visitors asking him to sleep with their wives when he'd do it for free, lol. He and his friends make plenty cash on the side doing this. It IS NOT uncommon for white women to sleep with black men, sweetie. I believe it disturbs you.It's certainly disturbing to me.

  • I had the same fantasy until we actually tried it for real. It's wrong as I asked her to do it but I kinda feel that she cheated now. Trust me some things are better in your head.

  • I want my wife get f***** by big black c*** while I watch Then have his c** inside her p****. just black guys and his age 32-46 .send your Email .Where you are located ?

  • noting as nice as big black c**** fucing my wife several to a dozen gangbanging her all night. damn she lovevs black c****!.

  • Ilike this Iwould like two black guys f*** my wife. first c*** inside her p**** and other c*** inside her ass the same time.

  • That is so hot I wanna watch to

  • I once watched a friendd of mine my wife in the back of our car, filled her c*** with c**....blew me away. I c** as well just watching the c*** c** out and leave her full of his c**.

  • Have done this several times with old high school friends and my then girlfriend, and now she is my wife and we still are into sharing her some times in back seat but mostly in our bed.

  • Hot, I want to suck your c*** while you watch them

  • I Would like to watch my wife get f***** by 5-6 guys at the same time?
    Then have them all c** inside her p****.

  • So hot do u jack while watching

  • Why does it have to be a black guy white people have big d**** to

  • My wife said she couldnt tell difference when she closed her eyes, c**** were all good and hard , just the way she likes them, we only bareback too.

  • I like that for your wife.

  • Ilike it

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