where is the most realistic looking d**** at?

I want to find the most realistic looking d****, but it has to be huge, 9 iches or moren I have seen the ones in p***** that ejaculaten but there blackn I want.a caucasian onen one that looks so real from a distance,...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i posted, and still looing i want to drive around with it ,and take it out when i get a womens attention, and see what she does, when she sees this huge c***, from a distance, i want it to look so real,..

  • Now this is a confession. Finally not some kid who thinks their life sucks. And worse, thinkds anyone cares

  • There certainly are realistic Caucasian d***** which cost $100 and more. You'll be seeing deep veins, playable fake skin which warms up. Some will have reservoirs for whatever you want to spurt. Pliable testicles or suction cups can be found. Just visit a adult store where XXX isn't in the window.

  • To fantasize, maybe exposure, definately a strap on.

  • what's this for?

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