Did you know that I have a few secrets? More than a few. Hundreds. I've decided to list them here in spurts. I would ask you all now to humor me- and remember that I'm only a teenager.

1: I'm terrified of dieing alone.
2: I've never kept a friend longer than one year.
3: I'm surrounded by people but I always feel so alone.
4: I can't look anyone in the eyes anymore.
5: I've never been kissed.
6: I cry myself to sleep over things I wish would happen.
7: I always think that the path I walk is in the wrong direction.
8: I feel so empty....
9: I'm so numb, I can hardly feel anything anymore.
10: I'm terrified of being a failure, just another s**** up. At the same time, it's all I've ever been told I can amount to.
11: Walking away always makes me feel better.



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  • Teens would be better off if they realized the f****** world does not revolve around them. If you died you'd be forgotten, by those close to you, in a day. When you realize this and stop fealing sorry for yourself you'll be a lot better off. Boo f****** hoo. You whiney little b****!

  • Text book teenager.

  • 12: I also troll Confessionpost.com with the lamest s*** ever.

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