Cant have s**

I am female 23, physically fit, relatively good looking but have a huge problem,. I have hemmorhoids so bad that they look like a baby hand sticking out of my butt!! It is so bad that I am afraid to go to the doctor and he roll over laughing. I am not happy. I tried to cut them off but thought I was going bleed to death. I am ashamed. I want to die,

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  • Soak them in epsom salts as much as you can. Do NOT try cutting..No way.. If you want real, intense, kill-me pain, sure..But otherwise, don't. And don't itch until they dry out and bleed, either.. Soak, keep yourself hydrated, and rest..

  • Just don't let any photos leak to the net.

  • Oh please! 23 year old female ANYTHING is spank bank material. Don't try to pretend you have standards. If you did, you wouldn't be here!

  • this is deja vu for me! I had terrible roids and they did look like extra body parts. The Dr. wont laugh. Dont attempt to remove yourself you have to see a Dr. Be kind to yourself and have this taken care of. You will just be postponing your life until you do. I wish you the best.

  • I thought this was a legitimate post until the last part about "cutting them off".
    So, I have to say;


  • Just go there and get it over and done with.

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