f***** a.

im not gonna lie.....it p***** me off when you call our home " your house" only. when you asked me to put my parents address on the marriage liscence. I'VE BEEN LIVING WITH YOU FOR 6 MONTHS. you are my address. get over it. yeah, its your house. you built it. and if you dont want me to call it home..dont marry me, and for god sakes dont ask me to move in and tell me half the time, that its my house too. thsoe things bother me. i'm not trying to take your house from you...but married people live together...and they have the same address.
sooo. you either want your house all to yourself....or you want to share it with me....im not gonna sit by and feel akward while you figure it out with your self. oh and also....its weird how in love you are with your mom.....grow up...she wants you to.

Jul 8, 2010

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