im p*****.

it p***** me off that no matter what i're always gonna love your mom more than me...i can be f****** perfect the exact replica of everything you've ever dreamed. and she still has priority....and she doesnt even want it...she wants you to grow up. its unnatural.......and i hate how you walk into a room where both of us are and you immediatly talk to her for an hour, while never acknowledging me....all the time she is talking to me...are you trying to tell me that you love her more than me...or do you just not realize that your that f****** clueless.....we certainly both notice..and were certainly both annoyed....

Jul 8, 2010

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  • He only wants you for s**. His mother takes care of the rest. So leave him and get the whole package

  • None of us care anymore. You have bitched a million times on here about this, just shut up and leave him already, or stay with him, I don't care.

    The point of this isn't that he is still attached to his mom's apron, the point is I don't care.


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