I feel like havin s**

I'm a virgin and proud of it because I'm only 15 but for some reason I feel like losing my virginity. I think it is because all of my friends have lost theirs. Do you think thats it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • hey wats ur email maybe we could talk ;)

    (last comment guy)

  • You little b****. I'll f*** you so hard you'll need a wheelchair to get to the toilet.
    I'll ram my c*** so far up that tight little t*** that it'll bounce off the back of your front teeth.
    THEN, we'll talk about a***.

  • Wow talk about a way to get out of a relationship just when I thought you really did care but you know what thats fine thats perfectly fine. I've been hurt before I know how to deal with it. And your not sorry so try to make me or anyone else on this site feel bad for you. -Carlos

  • Oh Carlos Im so sorry I did that I feel so bad. Baby I have one more thing to tell you I can't be with you any more ok Im sorry but its over. I love you but I don't want to be with you anymore.

  • Hey girl is your name Kristine if so baby hey I'm sorry that I moved so fast but I need to let you know something I am ready. I just told you that because you felt so bad for tempting me and then stopping me. Its okay I understand and I will wait for you just like you waited for me to get over ShyGirl.

  • I don't know I guess it depends actually.

  • Good for you! Explore sexuality, but doing the deed... it is not going to be like a movie. Just wait for the intercourse perhaps. Folks, do you all think that mutual masturbation and mutual oral is full out s**?

  • Well your all right I'm not ready I almost went that far with my boyfriend but I stopped myself and him because I wasn't ready and he told me he wasn't neither so thank you all for being straight up about this I respect that.

  • If you have to ask a bunch of random f******** on a site then I'm pretty sure you're not ready.

  • Ok it just so much pressure I guess and your right 15 is young and I havent even lived my life yet. so thank you so much.

  • Yes thats it. I was the last to lose mine in my circle. By the way, 15 is young and you should still be one.

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