Lesbians p*** me off.

They're so f****** annoying. Always being so obnoxious and acting like they're the only ones in the world who don't have rights. And they think they're better than everyone else too, f****** b******. Whenever you talk to a woman and it comes out in the conversation that they're a lesbian you can tell that they're thinking that you're judging them, no, they KNOW that you're judging them, when in the end they're the ones who are judging everyone. God, they just p*** me off so much. I just wanna grab them by their f****** ugly d*** hair and kick their stupid head off.

Btw, I am a lesbian. I'm just not one of those bitchy chicks with the stupid guy-haircuts trying to be all important all the time. I'm just another member of society, which is what gays should be fighting for, the right to be treated like everyone else. Not to be treated like they're special just because of one's sexual ortientation. That s*** is just stupid.

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  • I think the confessor and the commentator,is the "same person"
    Why are you trying to initiate argumentative comments,by initiating negative/discriminative views?!

  • Lesbians are b******. Sorry but that's why they are lesbians. No man is attracted to them for that reason

  • THANK YOU. *bows down*


  • Some like to act like martyrs dont they? At times that is reasonable. Other times its about being self-centered, regardless of their sexual orientation.

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