Oh s***.

I flipped out on my mom the other morning. She came into my room and started b******* about how much of a mess it was and how I can never get anything done. I sat there and took it for a minute or two before I just stood up and told her that she better get the f*** out of my room or I'd punch her in her f****** mouth. She stood there gaping at me for a second before stuttering that I better not do that or I'd be, uh, beat up the-the worst I'd ever been hurt. I just laughed in her face. She avioded me the rest of the day and hasn't bitched at me since.

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  • It was rude, both of you. But you confessed, which shows some remorse, but some satisfaction too.

    Did you clean up a little more since then?

  • if i was your mother i would have whooped your sorry ass.

  • well you have problems.

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